Create a photo manipulation with fire in Photoshop

Learn how to create this photo collage of a flying man, similar to Iron Man. This lesson will show you how to apply the cinematic effects of lighting and control the fire to create this composition.

Preview of the final result:

Step 1 – select your image.
Upload the image you want to work on. File> Open (File / Open)

Step 2 – underline the shadows
Select Burn tool (Dimmer tool) and use the settings below:
Range: Midtones (Range: Mid Tones)
Exposure: 15% (Exposure: 15%)

Darken areas of the image that have shadows — for example, areas under the eyebrows, nose, back of the neck, chin. Adjust the size of the brush to match the size of the shadow you are applying.

Step 3 – underline the highlights
Select Dodge tool (Brightener tool) and lighten areas that have been exposed to light — cheeks and forehead. The more detailed the lighting and darkening, the better the image will look.

Shag 4 – create an outline
Select pen tool (Pen tool) and select “Paths” (contour)

Increase your subject so that you can trace as many details as possible.

Once you have finished creating the outline around your subject, select it with Right click + Select / Make Selection (right click / select / create selection). Copy your image Ctrl + C.

Step 5 – Create a new layer.
Create a new layer and paste your image there. Ctrl + V. Duplicate the image, just in case. Delete your original image.

Step 6 – Open Your Background Image
Upload an image for your background. Select an image and drag it to the same window where your subject is already located.

Step 7 – open the effects of your image.
Upload an image that we will use as effects. In this lesson we will use fire. Drag the fire into the same window as your subject.

Step 8 – Pick Colors.
To match the colors of your background and your subject, put in Hue and saturation (color tone and saturation) Image> Adjustments> Hue and Saturation (Image / correction / color tone and saturation) the following values:

Hue/ Color tone: 0
Saturation/ Saturation: -20
Lightness /Brightness: 0

Step 9 – Image Curvature
Warp Edit> Free Transform> Warp (Edit / Free Transform / Deform) the shape and size of your flame so that it seems to come from the hands of our subject.

Step 10 – Touch the Fire
Select a layer with a flame and make sure that it is above the layer with the object.

Use Eraser tool (Eraser) to wipe the area adjacent to the flame. Thus, only the fire and hands of our subject will be visible.

Step 11 – Add a mask.
Click “Add layer mask (Add layer mask) at the very bottom of the layer palette. Take a brush and set and set the foreground color to black.

Make sure that you choose a layer with a mask on which you will continue to work.

Step 12 – Show Your Hands
Again, making sure that the layer of fire lies on top of our layer with the subject, select the mask of fire.

Using eraser , erase the fire so that you can see the hands. Look at the image below to see how.

Step 13 – Add a glow to the fire.
Create a new layer on top of your layer with the subject. Set the foreground color to lemon yellow or any other color that matches your fire.

Make sure the new layer is selected, and take the brush. With its help, draw the area around the fire and the part of the hands where the glow should fall.

Erase what is needed and change the properties of your layer to the following.

Mode/Mode: Color /Chromaticity
Opacity/ Opacity: 55%

Step 14 – Add a warm glow from the fire.
Create another new layer between the subject and the background, name it “Warm Filter”. Fill it with orange.

Change the layer properties to the ones below.
Mode/Mode: Color/ Chromaticity
Opacity /Opacity: 36%

Your image should look something like this.

Step 15 – Add a glow to the background.
Create another new layer and name it “BG Glow”. Take tassel and use the following settings
Brush size/ Brush size: 1350
Opacity/ Opacity: 25%

Make sure that the “BG Glow” layer is selected and draw a mystical glow in the area behind the subject.

Step 16 – Add a cool glow to the subject.
Create a new layer directly above your subject. Call it “Cool Filter” and fill it with blue. Set the layer properties as follows:
Mode/Mode: Soft light/Soft light
Opacity/ Opacity: 34%

Step 17 – Add Glare
Create a new layer and name it “Orbs”. Take a brush and use the following settings.
Size/ Size: between 97-200
Opacity/ Opacity: approximately 50%
Draw above and below the subject’s legs. This creates fog, so don’t overdo it.

Step 18 – Change the color of the sky.
Create a new layer and name it “Blue Gradient”. Take a brush and set the foreground color to light blue. Use the following settings for your brush.

Size: 1250
Opacity/ Opacity: 53%
Blend mode/ Blend Mode: Soft Light / Soft Light

This is how the image looks like before and after applying a blue gradient.

Step 19 – soften the frame
Create a new layer on top of all other layers and name it “vignette”. Fill the layer with black. Then take an eraser with the following settings:
Blend mode/ Blend Mode: Soft Light / Soft Light
Opacity /Opacity: 69%
Erase the black color from and around our subject.

Step 20 is the final result.

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