Create a vintage drawing in Photoshop

The 1960s were a period of inspiration for many artists, they painted their pictures in bright colors using funny textures and photo effects. In this tutorial we will create a 60s comic book drawing that will be very similar to the work of the great Roy Lichtenstein.

Final result:

Step 1

Open the photo you’ll work with in Photoshop. As we adhere to the style of Liechtenstein, we need a close-up. Choose a tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee Tool) (M) and highlight the face of the girl and the hand holding the phone.

Step 2

Go to menu Image> Crop(Image> Crop). After that, create a new document size 11h9 inches with a resolution of 150 pixels / inch.

Step 3

Copy the image of the girl to the new document and drag it to the whole canvas in the mode Free transform(Ctrl + T).

Step 4

Create a new layer above the photo. Choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) and draw an outline around the edges of the face.

Step 5

Right click on the contour and select To form a selected area(Make Selection). Fill the selection with white using the tool. Fill (Paint Bucket Tool) (G). Then go to the facial features and fill the details with black.

Step 6

In order not to spend a lot of time, you can simultaneously fill several contours at once.

Step 7

Continue to work with contour fill / selection until you get this picture:

Step 8

Create a new group under the black line layer. Inside the group create a new layer. Tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) select the skin, convert the outline into a selection and fill it with # f9b88c.

Step 9

Before we continue to add colors, we need to prepare a special dot pattern. Create a new document sized 100×100 pixels. Tool Brush (Brush Tool) (B) Draw a red circle in the center of the white canvas. Then go to menu Image> Define Pattern (Edit> Define Pattern) and save your new pattern.

Step 10

Create a copy of the color skin layer. (Ctrl + J) and apply style to it Pattern overlay(Pattern Overlay).

Step 11

Above the dotted layer create another layer. Highlight the remaining face details and fill them with different colors.

Step 12

Now we will add a bit of modernity to our drawing. Create a new layer above the linear pattern. Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) (G): From basic to transparent (Foreground to Transparent), 20% opacity. Draw two diagonal gradients from the top corners. Colors will become more saturated. Reduce the layer opacity to 74%.

Step 13

Create another layer and set its blending mode to Hard Mix. This time you need to create small radial gradient fills in different places. Color – from white to transparent.

Step 14

Finally, we will create a dialog cloud. Choose a tool Arbitrary shape (Custom Shape Tool) and select the “Speech Bubble” form. Create a cloud and circle it with the tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P). Use a 15 pixel brush with 100% hardness. The inner part of the cloud must be filled with white.

Step 15

Add some text to the cloud. In our case, the font “Gothic Light” was used.

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