Creating a complex 2D shape

Step 1. First, save the shape as a layer. Make sure the layer opacity is on. I created the form with Pen and edited using the quick mask . Let’s start with a neutral gray layer. You can always paint your object in any color.
When dealing with multiple colors, there may be problems with mixing and other functions during the course of work.

Step 2. Next, we lightly apply the defining sharp three-dimensional contours to the surface of the object. They will serve as our initial guidance and shade everything else.

Step 3. Next, select softbrush and frame our outlines using black and its shades. The contours need to be slightly shaded. After that we take hard brush and define the outer edges and edges, obscuring them.

Step 4. Then spend wide brush on the surface, illuminating it. Mixing mode set to normal.

Step 5. Now take small cystsl (2 pixels) white with hard edges and perform the stroke the first faces of the definition to lighten them. In this case, we obtain the effect of their ribbing.

Step 6. Select the “air” brush and swipe over our shape, as shown in the figure. The brush should be white or its shades. Now you can see that our figure has become more cheerful and sunny look.

Step 7. Now, to get rid of the nebula, use the tool Burn (Dimmer). Set its value to 50%. Now let’s start applying it by sweeping through shadows that seem too light. They should gradually darken.

Step 8. The final step is very simple. We just need to add a shadow. Increasing transparency, we reduce the shadow and vice versa.

Step 9. You can also make our shape look like polished aluminum. To do this, use the brightness curves. Image / Correction / Curves (Image> Adjust> Curves) Or Ctrl + M.

Step 10. That’s all. The form looks very attractive.
Good luck in job!

Transfer: Akten’ev Denis.
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