Creating an abstract 3D shape in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create interesting abstract shapes and, using your imagination, create a composition to make the spheres look more attractive.

The final result.

Create a new document with dimensions of 600×340 pixels. Choose a tool Gradient(Gradient Tool), the radial method and swipe them from the middle of the document to the bottom left corner.

Create a new layer. Draw lines using the tool Rectangle selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool). You will need to drag the selection down again when you need to create a new line. Fill these lines each with your own color.

Now go to the menu 3D – New shape from layer – Sphere (3D> New Shape from Layer> Sphere).

Double click on the layer in the specified place.

Now go to the menu Image – create duplicate (Image> Duplicate). In the dialog box that appears, click OK.

Notice that you are now working on a duplicate layer. Hold key CTRL and click on the thumbnail of creating a new layer at the bottom of the layers palette. You will create a new layer below the existing one. Fill this new layer with black.

Now your image will look like this.

Activate the layer with lines and load their selection (Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail). Now fill all the lines with white.

Go to the menu File – Save As (File> Save as) and save this document to your desktop with a Photoshop extension (*. PSD * PDD). Close the document copy, as well as the original from which you created a copy. You will only have open the document with the sphere
Now go to the menu Window – 3D (Window> 3D). A 3D palette will open in which we will work. Active tab Materials (Materials). In the window, find the parameter Opacity (Opacity) and click on the folder icon on the right. In the menu that appears, select the option Load texture (Load Texture) and load a copy that you saved to your desktop.

In areas where the texture areas are filled with white, our sphere will become transparent.

Now make changes to the sphere using the screenshot below.

Gloss (Gloss) – 35%

Shine (Shine) – 30%

In the 3D palette, select the tab Shine (Light). Make the following changes:
Infinite light 1 (Infinite light 1) – change Intensity (Intensity) and uncheck the option Create shadows (Create Shadows).

Same for Infinite light 2 (Infinite light 2) – change Intensity (Intensity) and uncheck the option Create shadows (Create Shadows).

We are almost done, and to improve the quality of the sphere, we just need to trace. In the 3D palette, open the tab Scene (Scene) and make active the whole scene. Make changes to the parameter Quality (Quality) and in the drop-down menu select the option Rough ray tracing (Ray Traced Draft). This will get rid of “jagged” edges.

Now duplicate the spheres, change their sizes, position and opacity and create such a composition as on the final result or as you wish.

Final result

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