Dark forest

To draw a mysterious dark forest in Photoshop, you first need to create a document of size 408 x 256.

Then open the Add Styles window. “Blending Options …“. And choose the style there”Gradient overlay“(gradient overlay)
Set there the same gradient and click OK

Here is what you should get:

And now with the Pen tool – draw a few rectangular bars. You need to draw in shape mode. The main color is black.

You probably noticed that these columns differ in width and height, at the base a little wider than at the top. So it should be, because we draw trees.

When all the columns you have drawn, one is better than the other. You can now merge them into one layer.

Now go to the main menu. Filter – Artistic – Rough Pastels, and there already install these settings.

Click OK, then go to the menu. Edit – Fade Rough Pastels and set the value eight%.

Now on the trunks appeared some roughness.

Then, create a new layer and go to the main menu – select Filter – Render – Clouds.

Set the layer blending mode to “Multiply“and duplicate the cloud layer.

Here’s what you get:

Now take a brush and find a view there. “Splatter“. Set these settings.

Now use this brush at the foot of the trunks to indicate vegetation.

Now increase the brush a little and draw the crown of trees this time.


The final image has added some clouds, a lake with reflection, the silhouette of a deer and the moon behind the branches. Try reviving your image the same way.

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