Disguised navigation

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create just such a disguised navigation.

Step 1.

Open a new document. 460×190 pixels, with black background. Make an oval selection with the tool , create a new layer and fill the selection with gray color (C1C1C1).

Go to the Selection – Feather menu (select> feather), set the parameter 2 pixels.
Again menu selection – modification – squeeze (Select> Modify> Contract) set the parameter 5 pixels.
Fill the selection with white.

a) b)

Step 2.

Choose a tool , set the rounding radius thirty and draw a shape like in the picture (the color for the shape is )

a) b)

Step 3.

Apply the Inner Shadow style to the layer with the new shape.

Merge the two layers together.

Step 4.

Duplicate the layer with the button several times, and then merge all the buttons into one layer Ctrl + E.
Duplicate the layer again with a series of buttons.

Step 5.

Apply the “Texture Overlay / Pattern Overlay” style to the top layer of the buttons. Click on the arrow and select the set “Natural patterns”. Find the ivy leaves pattern there.


Step 6.

After applying the style buttons will look like this:

Step 7.

Change the blending mode of the top layer to “Multiply” (Multiply), and reduce the opacity to 75%.

Step 8.

Take the tool , from the drop-down list, select the shape of the maple leaf. Draw one white leaf below the layers with the buttons.

Step 9.

Duplicate the sheet layer several times and scatter it over the top of the buttons. Drain the leaves in a single layer.

Step 10.

Duplicate the leaf layer, flip it vertically (edit> transform> flip vertical/ edit – transform – flip vertically).
Now combine the two layers with leaves into one.

Step 11.

Apply the same style to the leaves layer.


Step 12.

This is what you should get:

Step 13.

Reduce the opacity of the leaf layer to 75%

Step 14.

Write the text on the buttons in white. Settings:

Text style apply “Shadow”:


Step 15.

Change the blending mode of the text layer to Overlay and reduce the opacity to 80%

Step 16.

Hold down Ctrl and click on the text layer – a selection will appear.
Go to the menu Allocation – Modify – Expand (select> modify> expand). Install 1 pixel.

Create a new layer under the text layer and fill it with dark green (585E3C).

Step 17.

Reduce the opacity of the dark green layer to 60%


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