In this lesson, we will work out the Pen tool again. We’ll draw such cute dolphins.

First we will draw an underwater background. The best and easiest way is to use a radial gradient with a color from dark blue to a lighter tone.

The author used wonderful photos. Leandro stanzani as a reference for drawing. You can choose any other photo for your future drawing.

Lower opacity this layer up 15-25% (opacity to 15-25%).

Set the color to light blue. Switch to the tool Pen (Pen) and carefully outline the contour of the body of a large dolphin.

Create a new layer and paint the dolphin’s belly, but fill it with white color. Install opacity layer on 10-20% (opacity to 10-20%).

Then create clipping mask in the Layer menu (the Create Clipping Mask command in the Layer menu) (Ctrl-Shift-G in the Layer palette), now the contour of the abdomen is bounded by the contour of the dolphin’s body.

On a new layer, use a combination of large and small soft brushes (black and white) to create light and shadow.

Set the layer mode to Overlap (Overlay) and create the clipping mask (Create clipping mask) again (Ctrl-Shift-G in the layers palette).

Now we will make the edges a little highlighted, and with a small soft brush we will go around the edges of the dolphin (on a new layer).

Set the layer blending mode to overlap (Overlay) and remove unnecessary using a mask.

Choosing a tool Pen , color set to dark blue and carefully draw the mouth.

Switch to the tool Brush and add some light.

Change the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay).

Add a brow, opacity (Opacity) of your choice. Draw an eye.

Pen draw fin.

Create a layer mask. Switch to the tool Brush (Brush), set the color to black and use a brush to remove unnecessary parts of the fin.

On a new layer of white and black brush, add a couple of strokes.

And as always, remove the excess with a mask.

Blend mode on Overlap (Overlay) and slightly lower the Opacity of the layer (Opacity).

A small but important detail, on a new layer, under the layer with a fin with a dark blue brush, add a shadow from the fin.

Under the dolphin layer Pen draw the second fin.

Mummy dolphin is ready !!! It remains to draw the kid himself. The instructions are the same, so I will add only screenshots.

Create a layer between the layers with the dolphins. Brush black draw the shadow of a small dolphin. Correct Eraser .

Set the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) and opacity according to your desire.

Dolphins are ready !!! You can add your own effects. Author added bubbles. Imagine! Good luck!

Author: Vlad Gerasimov
Transfer: Olga Kasatkina
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