Draw a cardboard box

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to draw a bulky cardboard box.

Find the rectangle tool , set color 9d8267 and draw a small square.

To get started, take a tool Arrow (Direct Selection Tool) is a white arrow.

Hold key Shift and select the corners on the left side of the square.

Now, hold the key again Shift click on 2 times on the keyboard arrow down. Release Shift and more. 3 times click down.

Next, duplicate this layer and change its color to a68a6f.
Select the Arrow tool again and select the corners on the right side of the square.

Now, hold down the “Shift” and click on the left arrow on the keyboard 17 times and 1 time “up”.

I hope you understand how to handle the arrow tool. Select one or two corners and use the arrows to move them. Then you can independently edit the two sides of your box.

Go to the next step. Take Pen, set color 96785c and draw the top for the box as shown.

Again using pen and colors 81674e, draw the inner wall of the box. Do not forget to enlarge the image to draw more precisely.

We continue to add parts to the box. Why do you need the pen and color again 8d735c.

Another color cover like this: 81674e.

The rearmost part is b3936d.

And the last – color 96785e.

Here is the result!

Here, as you can see, a lot of interesting things have been added – a gradient from black to transparent on the covers of the box, shadow, inscriptions, adhesive tape, text and of course the box filler.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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