Draw a coffee cup in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create a coffee glass using vector shapes and layer styles in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Final result:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) with a size of 650×700 pixels.

Step 2

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N), select the tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) in shape mode and draw the shape shown in screenshot.

Step 3

Double-click on the shape layer to open the style window. Apply the following styles:

Internal glow (Inner Glow):

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Drop shadow (Drop Shadow):


Step 4

Tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) Draw the basic shape of the glass. The color of the shape is not important, since we will change it anyway. Name this layer “Cup”.

Step 5

Remove the fill from the Cup layer through the top toolbar. Pen (Pen Tool) (P). Then apply the following styles:

Internal glow (Inner Glow):

Color overlay (Color Overlay):

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):


Step 6

Now we draw a cover for the glass. Draw it with a tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P), as shown in the screenshot. Each part of the glass should be created on a separate layer. Also do not forget to sign your own, so you don’t get confused.

Apply the following styles:

Stroke (Stroke):

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):


Step 7

Draw the middle part of the cap.

Apply style Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) with the same settings as for the previous figure. Add style Stamping (Bevel Emboss):

Step 8

Draw the upper part of the cover of the glass.

Step 9

Apply the same gradient style for this shape as for the previous two. Then add the following styles:

Stamping (Bevel Emboss):

Internal glow (Inner Glow):


Step 10

We are done with creating the basic shape of the glass. Now we will design. Choose a tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) and create a circle with the color #efefef.

Apply the following styles to it:

Internal glow (Inner Glow):

Drop shadow (Drop Shadow):


Step 11

Create another circle with #dfdfdf.

Apply the following styles to it:

Stroke (Stroke):

Inner shadow (Inner Shadow):

Internal glow (Inner Glow):


Step 12

In tool settings Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) select mode Circuit (Path) and create a circle as shown in the screenshot.

Set color as # 626800 as primary, select tool. Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T) and click on the contour. Select the “Algerian” font, set the center alignment and write the word “COFFEE”.

Step 13

Create a copy of the text layer (Ctrl + J) and reduce the font size to 25pt. Choose a tool Outline selection (Path Selection Tool) and rotate the text. Center the inscription, and then place it inside the contour of the circle. In mode Free transform (Ctrl + T) resize the outline of the circle so that the text is properly positioned.

Step 14

Tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) draw an arc with the color #adadad.

Create a copy of the arc (Ctrl + J) and turn it the other way Editing> Transform> Flip Horizontal (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal) and position on the right side.

Apply style to both arcs. Inner shadow (Inner Shadow):

Step 15

Now we will draw a small coffee cup, which we then place in the middle of the sticker. Draw two ovals with the color # f2c200 and arrange them as shown in the screenshot. Select both layers with ovals and go to the menu Layer> Merge Shapes> Subtract Front Shape (Layer> Combine Shapes> Subtract front shape).

Apply style to the resulting shape. Internal glow (Inner Glow):

Step 16

Draw another oval with the color # be9a09 as shown below. Apply an Inner Glow style to it with the same settings. Then draw the cup handle with the color # 604c00.

Step 17

Now we draw a drink. Create an oval with color # 904a05 under the front of the cup. Apply the Satin style.

Step 18

Under the cup, create a small black oval. Apply motion blur to it. Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur).

Reduce the opacity of the black oval to 50%. Create a shadow under the glass in the same way.

Step 19

Paint a pair of curls with color # 764d25 to image steam from hot coffee. First you need to draw a contour tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) and then circle it with a 2-pixel hard brush. After the stroke, delete the outline. At the end of the curl create a small circle.

Step 20

Now we will create a shadow from the paper sticker on the glass. Create a thin black rectangle, activate the deformation mode. Editing> Transform> Warp (Edit> Transform> Warp). Select the Arch deformation type and set the Bend to -12%.


Place a curved strip under the sticker and reduce the opacity to 50%. Create a copy of this shadow and lift it up under the cover.

Step 21

Create a new layer under the layers of the round sticker. Choose a soft brush and white paint over the middle of the glass. Reduce the layer opacity to 50% and set the blending mode Overlap (Overlay).

Step 22

Put all the layers of the glass in the group (Ctrl + G). Create a copy of the group, merge it into one layer (Ctrl + E) and turn it over Editing> Transform> Flip Vertically (Edit> Transform> Flip Vertical). Dip the reflection under the glass and reduce the opacity to 40%. The reflection layer should be under the shade of the glass.

Final result:

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