Draw a golden egg!

This lesson is specifically designed to train with the Pen tool. . If you do not know how to work with this tool, then you are here.

Draw an egg shape in shape mode. Color set #C8C614.

Right-click on the egg layer in the layers palette and select “Blending Options …”.

Add the following styles:

“Inner Shadow” (Inner Shadow).
Settings see below:

“Gradient Overlay” (gradient overlay).
with settings:

See gradient colors:

Here’s what you get now:

Create a new layer, then go to the “Filter” menu, then “Render” and “Clouds”.

Add a filter again, this time “Noise” – “Add Noise” with the settings:

As a result:

Ctrl + Click on the egg layer to make a selection. Then invert the selection Ctrl + Shift + I.

Click delete on the keyboard, change the overlay mode to “Overlay”, the parameter fill (fill) reduce to 17%.

Then right-click on the layer and go to the “Blending Options …” window. Add styles:

“Inner Shadow” (Inner Shadow).

And now the egg should look like this:

Take a soft white brush size 40. Create a new layer and click on the brightest spot of the egg. one time. Change the blending mode to “Color dodge“(Lightening the basics) and fill (fill) reduce to 48%.

Now again with the help of Per, draw the following form. This will be a highlight.

Go to “Filter” – “Blur” (Blur) – “Gaussian Blur” (Blur according to Gauss) with the setting:

Here is the result !!!

Here they also painted on some straws to make it softer.

I hope the article about Perot was useful to you, and you have successfully coped with drawing eggs!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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