Draw a landscape in Photoshop

With the help of Photoshop, you can not only edit images, but also create realistic landscapes, water, trees and sun from scratch. In this lesson we will draw a beautiful foggy landscape from scratch.

Step 1. Create a new document File – Menu (File – Menu) (CTRL + N)
Width: 1920px
Height: 1200px
Resolution: 72 pixels / inch

Step 2. Fill the background with a gradient.
Activate Gradient tool (Gradient) (G)
On the top panel with the tool parameters click on the thumbnail.

Step 3. Select the gradient “Chrome”, as in the screenshot below.

Step 4. Left click of the mouse twice on the color slider to select the colors we need (from left to right)
# a1b1ca (Sky)
# ffc16e
# d38844 (Reed)
# c48446 (River)
# 141412
Color choose in this window

Step 5. Fill the working canvas with a gradient from top to bottom, while holding down the SHIFT key, so that the line is even

Step 6. Create a new layer on which we will draw the sun.

Step 7. Create a white circle and add effects to it. Click the right mouse button on the layer thumbnail and select Blending options (Blending options)

Step 8. Set the following parameters
Outer Glow (Outer Glow)
Blend Mode (Blending Mode): Normal (Normal)
Opacity: 100%
Noise: 0%
Color (Color): #feffac
Technique (Method): Softer (Soft)
Spread: 0%
Size: 155px
Contour: Default (Default)
Range: 40%
Jitter (Shivering): 0%

Step 9. Inner glow (Internal glow)
All parameters are left by default except:
Blending Mode (Blending Mode): Normal (Normal)
Color: # fff7c4
Size: 43px

Step 10. We get here is the sun

Step 11. Now create a layer for reeds.

Step 12. Choosing a set of brushes M Brushes

Step 13. Select the brush Close Cross Hatch

Step 14. In the parameters of the brush activate Dual Brush (Dual Brush), set
Spacing (Spacing): 25%
Scatter: 0%
Count (Counter): 1

Step 15. Choosing a color for the brush, I took # 5e3e1c.

Step 16. Now, changing the size of the brush using the keys [and], draw reeds in the form of thin lines

Step 17. Apply Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion)

Step 18. Activate Brush tool (Brush) (B) and edit the parameters:
Brush Tip Shape
Size: 3px
Spacing (Spacing): 60%

Dual Brus (Dual Brush)
Spacing (Spacing): 80%
Scatter: 0%
Count (Counter): 1

Step 19. Draw the coastline with Pen tool (Feather) (P). Color – # f8c27a.

Step 20. Right click on the working canvas and select Stroke path (Outline stroke)

Step 21 From the drop-down menu, select Brush (Brush) and activate Simulate pressure (Simulate pressure)

Step 22 Get the coastline

Step 23 Using tools Dodge (Clarifier) ​​and Burn(Dimmer) create a light reed from the sun. In the parameters of the tools, select the mode Midtones (Mid Tones).

Step 24 Create a reflection of the sun on the water. Duplicate the sun layer. Click on it with the right mouse button and select Duplicate layer (Duplicate layer) or press CTRL + J.

Step 25. Transform a copy of a layer into a smart object. Layer – Smart Objects – Convert to Smart Object (Layer – Smart Objects – Convert to Smart Object)

Step 26. Move on Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options (Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options)
Outer glow
Color: # ffff3e
Size: 250px

Step 27. Slightly reduce the size of the sun, about 1/3. With the help of Free Transform (CTRL + T) slightly stretch it vertically

Step 28. Create a new layer “Fog”

Step 29. On the color palette, set as the foreground color light gray, back – white.

Step 30. We use Filter – Render – Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds)
Gently erase excess at the top and bottom with Eraser tool (Eraser) (E)
Eraser options
Size: 1000px
Hardness: 0%

We leave only the strip in the center. Set the mix type to Divide (Split)

Step 31 Apply Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion), this time horizontally

Step 32 Duplicate (CTRL + J) fog layer.
Set the mix type to Pin light (Spot light), Transparency (Transparency) – 60%

Step 33 Create a new layer “Forest”.
Set the mix type to Brightness (Brightness).

Step 34 Hit the B key and select the brush Rough wash from the M Brushes set
Color classification: # 4a2b09

Step 35 Change brush settings

Step 36 Dual Brus (Dual Brushes)

Step 37. Remove the bottom of the trees with a soft eraser to give a fog effect. Brush size choose any, hardness (hardness): 0%

Step 38 Create a new layer “Village”. Opacity: 50%

Step 39. At home you can draw with simple shapes (U) and free transformation (CTRL + T) or Pen tool (Feather) (P). Then we merge all the layers into one and erase the bottom with an eraser. This will create a light haze effect. Color – # bf906c

Step 40. Create a new layer “Horizon” and use sumi2 to draw trees in the distance.

Step 41 Color classification: # cb9c6c

Step 42 Duplicate the sun reflection layer on the water.
And apply a filter to it Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion)

Step 43 All layers must be in this order.

Step 44. Lightly smear the shoreline with a tool Smudge (Finger) (R). Create a soft blur on the reeds.

Step 45. Final result

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