Draw a realistic cup in Photoshop

In this lesson, I will create a realistic mug filled with black tea.
I did it using very simple tricks in Photoshop:
Basic shapes (Basicshapes) Perot (Pen);
Brushes (Brush); instruments Brightener (Dodge) / Dimmer (Burn);
Gaussian Blur.

And we begin with a sketch on a plain white canvas!
Let’s get started

Final result:

Step 1. Start by sketching a circle.
Figure 1. Create Oval (Ellipse) via Basic figures (Basicshapes).
Figure 2. Copy Oval (Ellipse) and move it down.
Figure 3. Use the tool Pen (Pen), to connect two ovals.
Figure 4. Draw a pen with the tool. Pen (Pen).

(Reception when creating the outline: After creating the contours, set up the tool Pencil – reduce its radius to 1-2 pixels., switch back to the tool Pen (Pen), then right click – Circle Outline (StrokePath), select the stroke tool Pencil (Pencil)).

Step 2. Now we will create a color sketch.
Experiment and use your own color combinations for the mug.

Step 3. Let’s take the top of the mug.
Create a selection of the “Cup top” layer and transform it to 96% by width (width) and 90% by height (high). On a new layer, fill it with color and name it “Cup inside”.

Step 4. Make a copy of the Cup inside layer and fill it with # AD4D01. Name the layer “Tea” and drag a little lower as shown in the image.

Step 5. Staying still on the Tea layer, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the Cup inside layer thumbnail.

Step 6. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert (invert) selection and remove the tea from the sides of the mug.

Step 7. Let’s look at the layers palette. Layers should be lined up like this:

Step 8. Now we will use brushes on top of our mug. Create a new layer between the “Cup side” and “Cup top” layers. Color as shown.
(If you use your own colors, try to paint the center in a brighter color).

Step 9. Our light will fall to the left above.
Now you need to shade the inside of the mug.
Select the “Cup inside” layer, take the tool Dimmer (Burn) with a soft brush, set Exposure (Exposure) at 20. Use Dimmer (Burn) on top of the left side of the “Cup inside” layer, and then use the tool Clarifier (Dodge) with the same settings to lighten the right side of the “Cup inside” layer.

Step 10. Now we need to create a reflection inside the circle.
Create a new layer under the “Tea” layer, follow step 4 (same steps as when creating the “Tea” layer) and move it a little lower, as in the image. Fill it with # B67431, name this layer “Tea reflection”.

Step 11. Apply Gaussian Blur with value Radius 15 (you can reduce Opacity layer “Tea reflection” (Tea reflection), so it will look more convincing).

Step 12. Staying still on the “Tea reflection” layer, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the “Cup inside” layer, then invert (invert) selection (Ctrl + Shift + I). Erase the rest of the reflection that goes beyond the circle.

Step 13. Copy the “Tea” layer. Fill it with white and apply Gaussian Blur with value Radius 6

Step 14. Place the filled layer under the “Tea” layer. Select the “Tea” layer and apply to it Gaussian Blur with value Radius (Radius) 6.
Now move the “Tea” layer just below to see a thin white edge under the “Tea” layer.
Merge the Tea layer and the white fill layer, hold down the Ctrl key again and click on the miniature of the Cup inside layer. Invert the selection and erase it. Name the layer “Tea”.

Step 15. Take the tool Dimmer (Burn) with Exposure (Exposure) 20 and apply it to the left side of the Tea layer, as shown in the image.

Step 16. Make sure you set the base color to white.
Use the tool on the new layer above the “Tea” layer. Brush (Brush) with soft edges and very small Radius (Opacity) about 80-90%). Start making small dots as in the image. This will create a glare on the tea.

Step 17. Select the “Cup top” layer and use the tool Clarifier (Dodge) with soft brush and Exposure (Exposure) 80 brighten the areas shown in the image. Also paint over the section of the cup on the “Cup side” layer, as shown in the image.

Step 18. Fill the handle with color. Shade a little bit the “Cup side” layer. Combine the layers of Tea, Tea reflection and Cup inside and again Transform (Transform) them (by width (width) 96%, compare the result of 17 and 18 steps).

Step 19. Use tools Dimmer (Burn) / Clarifier (Dodge), to convert the pen as shown in the image.

Step 20. Again, paint the “Cup side” layer with gray.

Step 21 Take Brush (Brush) with soft edges, set the main color to white, draw a little reflection on the “Side of the circle” layer (Cup side), as shown in the image.

Step 22 Reuse Brush (Brush) with soft edges and low value Opacity.
Change the base color to gray (k-30).
Create a new layer under all the other layers and draw the shadows from the circle.

Author: Anoop
Transfer: Antsyperovich Alexandra
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