Draw a robot

This is a simple lesson on how to draw a robot using a simple drawing technique.

Step one. First create a new document. I’m sure all of you know how to do it.

Step 2. Choose a tool Paintbrush(Brush) small size medium transparency.

Step 3. Using a brush, make sketches. Do not go into details. Mark only the main silhouette and the places where the character’s characteristics will be located.

Step four. Create a new layer. I like to use BlendingMode (Blend Mode)Multiply“(Multiplication), this way you will see the layer below while coloring. Start coloring the robot. I chose blue.

Step 5. Paint with a brush with low transparency. By brushing the same area several times, the brush will paint darker, adding more color. Use this technique in places where you need to add shadows.

Darken the edges of the head, it will give it a more voluminous look. Since the light source is above the robot’s head, I confidently make darker those areas where the light should not penetrate.

Step 6. We continue to draw.

Step 7. After making sure that the color and dark areas are finished, merge the layers together. Create a new layer with Blendingmode (Blending Mode) Normal (Usual), Choose a rich color to add brightness to the picture. Adding light next to dark areas adds depth to the image.

Step 8. Using a brush with a smaller diameter, begin to add subtle touches to emphasize details and mix colors more intensively.

Step 9. At this stage, add more details at your discretion.

Using these steps, you can draw as many details as possible. Just do not forget to draw light and shadows.

Here is another option.

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