Draw a seascape from scratch

Why say that in Photoshop is difficult to draw from scratch? Nothing like this! In this Photoshop tutorial, using very simple Photoshop techniques and tools, we will draw a gentle and beautiful seascape.

1. Create a new document with a white background.
Here 400 * 400 px, resolution = 72.
If you are going to print the image in the future, then create it with the permission 300.

2. First we draw a sky with clouds.

Press Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new layer. Call it Clouds and click OK.

Take brush. Options – 12px, soft

Sketch a few strokes on the canvas. Three different colors are used here:b2b1d9, #bcb1ca ande2e4f1.

Take the tool – ,
Parameters: Spray brush (Star), size 14 px , push = 47%.
Use circular motions to move clockwise and counterclockwise.

Try to be careful while mixing two colors. Move the cursor smaller and shorter. Work well (shade) the edges of the lines. You will have almost the same as in the picture. You can use the tool , to darken some parts of the clouds.

3. Now turn to the creation of the lake.
Create a new layer and name it “Lake”.
Take a Brush and make a few strokes, as shown in the figure. For water, you can use these colors:6e7485 and95a3ae

Next again we make rough movements right on the strokes in both directions (from left to right and vice versa) until you get something like that.

Go to menu Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add noise). Set the parameter there to one%, Distribution – Gaussian and select the option “Monochrome”.

Then select the cloud layer and click Ctrl + F , To apply a noise filter to this layer.

4. Next we will draw the boat.

Take a feather in shape mode
Primary color set #401f1c and draw a boat.

Name this layer “Boat”. Right click on the layer – select the command Rasterize layer (Rasterize layer). Go to the Filter menu to add noise. Quantity set = ten%.

Add a Blur in Motion filter (Blur> Motion Blur)
Set the angle to 0, distance = 3px.

We continue to draw the boat.
We now need to draw the sails and other necessary parts.
Create a new layer.
Take a hard brush the size of 1px and add lines on top of the boat, as shown.

Used for smears hereffffff (white) and #401f1c (brown) colors.

Now add a boat mast. Set color #cdc2ca , take a brush, hold the key Shift, so that the lines are smooth.

Now use the brush or pen to draw the first sail. Remember to create a layer for it and set it to white.

Also create 3 more sails:

We also have to add shadows on the sails.
Create a new layer.
Change the base color to #d9dfee, take a soft brush the size of 10px and draw a few lines as shown.

Via blend lines.

Add the “Noise” filter. amount 1.5%.

Add a Gaussian Blur filter (Blur> Gaussian Blur).
Set the radius 2px.

And at the end draw a few stretch marks that attach the sails to the mast. Use a hard brush in 1px White colour.

This is what your Photoshop artwork will look like!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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