Draw a silhouette in Photoshop

In this lesson, step by step, I will show you how to make a female silhouette. In general, this way you can make the silhouette of any object.

The first step is to create a new document, in my case – 500×500 pixels, 72dpi. Fill it with a linear gradient with colors. # 112b05 and # 23590a as shown in the picture below.

Apply Filter> Sketch> Water Paper (Filter> Sketch> Wet Paper) with the settings shown below:

Now we have something like this:

Now we find a suitable picture. To do this, you can use your resources or take advantage of this. Drag it onto the center of the canvas, as in the picture below:

Set the opacity to 7% for this layer. Before you make the silhouette of the girl you need to set the following settings for the brush:

Put the main color #c0ff00. After take the tool Pen Tool (Pen). Draw a line using the tool Pen :

Right click and select Stroke path (Stroke).

A small dialog box pops up, as in the screenshot below. Make sure it is selected. Brush and tick near Simulate pressure.

At this stage, the picture should look like this:

Next, right-click and select Delete Path (Delete contour). We will do this several times.

The final picture should look like this:

Then go to the layer with the picture and delete it. We don’t need it anymore. Then apply Drop shadow (Shadow) and Outer glow (External glow) for each of the silhouette layers.

Now we have a picture like this:

To finish our look, let’s give the silhouette a bright element. Set the background # ff3c00, we take Brush tool (Brush tool) with parameters:

Take Pen tool (Pen Tool) with the same settings and draw a line:

Next, right-click and select Stroke path (Stroke). In the dialog box, select Brush (Brush) and tick near Simulate pressure (Simulate pressure).

After we take Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text) and click on the stroke, this will allow you to place the text on the stroke, now it remains to enter the text, something like ‘SUPER FIGURE’.

Omit the text below

Go back to the orange line layer and apply layer styles to it: Drop shadow (Shadow) and Outer glow (External glow).

Now you should get something like this:

Looks great! Enjoy the lesson! Good luck!

Transfer: Alexander Budulatiy
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