Draw a wand and cylinder wizard

In this lesson you will learn how to create a magician’s hat in Photoshop. The lesson shows the simple use of tools. PenTool and ShapeTools, and the use of different modes. Creating shadows is also explained in the lesson. Let’s start!
What you get at the end of the lesson.

Step 1. Create a new 450×450 px document with a white or transparent background. Now use the tool PenTool (Pen) to make a shape, as shown below.

Name this layer “Body.” Create a group, name it “Hat”. Place the “Body” layer in the group.

It is difficult to create an irregular shape like the one shown above, because difficult to maintain symmetry on both sides. A simpler way is to create half the shape first.

Now take the tool PathSelectionTool (Outline selection(A)) and click on the shape. Click Ctrl + C, to copy the shape layer, then click Ctrl + V, to paste copied on the same layer. The copied path will be inserted spontaneously.
Tool PathSelectionTool (Outline selection(A)) create a selection, next, Edit > Transform > FlipHorizontal(Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal) and move the shape to the right until you have the required shape. At the top of the panel, click Combine (Combine), thereby combining the two halves into one.

Step 2. You can now add some effects to the “body” layer. Duplicate the “body” layer (Ctrl+ J) and reduce the level Fill(Fill) to0%. Add a layer style GradientOverlay(Gradient overlay).

Having set the desired settings, do not click OK. Before doing this, move the gradient to the left as shown below (moving the gradient needs to be done directly on the figure image).

Step 3. Add a layer mask to the duplicated body layer. To do this, go to Layer > AddLayerMask > RevealAll(Layers – Layer Mask – Show All). Choose a tool GradientTool (Gradient(G)) black to white and apply as shown. Layer name “reflection”.

Step 4. Duplicate the reflection layer and apply a layer style – Gradient overlay. Move the gradient to the left by applying the following settings.

Step 5. It’s time to add a strip on the hat. Create a shape of any color using PenTool (Pen). Let’s name the layer “strip”.

A layer with a stripe should not go beyond the hat. Ctrl+cry on the thumbnail layer “body” next, Select > Modify > Expand(Selection – Modification – Border), set the value to 1px and click OK. After making sure that the active layer is a stripe layer, click AddLayerMask(Add Layer Mask).

Step 6. Add a layer “stripe” layer styles, which are shown below. Move the gradient to the right before closing the window with Layer Styles.

Step 7. Duplicate the stripe layer and delete all its layer styles except GradientOverlay(Gradient overlay). Decrease fill(fill) before 0% and make the following changes to the layer style. Note that this gradient is placed to the left.

Step 8. It’s time to make the main part of the hat. Use EllipseTool (Ellipse Tool (U)), to create an ellipse, as shown below. The layer is called the “top”.

Add a layer style.

Step 9. Duplicate the layer and place the copied layer below the top layer in the layers palette. Shift the duplicate “vertex” layer to 7pxdown (to do this, click on the down arrow 7 times) and add layer styles.

Step 10. Make another copy of the layer and reduce fill(fill) up to 0%. Now make changes to its parameters. GradientOverlay(gradient overlay).

Step 11. Using the tool EllipseTool (Ellipse tool (U)), create a shape above the “top” layer.

Add effects.

Step 12. Now you need to add shadows in the required places. Create a new layer below the “top” layer, name it “shadow”. Ctrl +cry on the thumbnail of the “top” layer, move the selection a few pixels down, then fill it with black. Further, Filter > Blur > GaussianBlur(Filters – Blur – Gaussian Blur), enter 5px and click OK. Notice that the shadow extends beyond the hat. To eliminate this, Ctrl+cry on the thumbnail of the “body” layer and, after making sure that the “shadow” layer is active, press the button AddLayerMask in the layers palette (or as you did in Step 4). Install Opacity(Opacity) between 30% – 50%.

Step 13. Another shadow needs to be placed at the base of the hat. On the new layer, create an oval selection, fill it with black color, reduce Opacity before thirty %. This layer should be placed below the “body” layer. Go ahead, Filter > Blur > RadialBlur (Filters – Blur – Radial Blur), make the settings as shown below and click OK.

Step 14. Create a new layer, make an oval selection, fill it with black and set the Opacity (opacity) to 50%. Apply filter Filter > Blur > GaussianBlur(Filters – Blur – Gaussian Blur), enter 2.5 px and click OK.

Step 15. The hat is made. It’s time to do a magic wand.
First make sure that all the layers created earlier are in the “hat” group. Create a new group (name it “Wand”), and hide the “Hat” group by clicking on the eye in the layers panel. Using RectangleTool (Rectangular shape (U)) create a rectangle and apply a layer style GradientOverlay(Gradient overlay).

Step 16. Add two stripes at the ends of the wand (for example, duplicate the layer, move it on the layers panel below the original layer, clear the layer styles and lengthen the layer using Transform). Apply a layer style to the stripes. GradientOverlay(Gradient overlay) using violet shades.

Step 17. To give volume to the stick, add roundness at the edges using the tool AddAnchorPointTool(Add point), to move the nodal points a few pixels. Along with this, add an ellipse at the end of the bottom of the wand.

Step 18. Duplicate the Wand group, select the layers inside the duplicate group and click Ctrl + E, to combine them. You can now hide the original wand group and work with the combined selected wand layer. Click Ctrl + T and rotate the wand as shown. Place it in a suitable location.

To make the work look complete, add a shadow from the wand that should fall on the field, as well as the inside of the hat.

If the final image seems too bright or dark, then you can adjust the brightness of the image to the final image with Layer > NewAdjustmentLayer > Brightness/Contrast (Layers – New Adjustment Layer – Brightness / Contrast).

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