Draw an eye.

In this lesson we will try to draw an eye with you. In this example, we draw a sketch of the eye right in Photoshop, but you can also load a scanned version of the picture. Then it is just painted.
So, if you draw in Photoshop, start with the first step.

1. Create a new document (600 * 600 px). The background should be white (as an option – light gray).

2. Select an airbrush brush.

3. You need to adjust the brush before you start painting. In the Brush Presets menu, change the Hardness to 50% (see below). By changing this setting, you make the brush softer along the edges. The imprint of the brush will be the darker, the more intensely you “push” it.

4. Set the brush color to light gray, opacity (Opacity) thirty% and size about ten. Then start drawing. Remember that the eye has a spherical shape and is surrounded by skin folds of the eyelids. Therefore, observe the “three-dimensional” pattern, otherwise the eye will look flat and lifeless. You should have something like this:

5. Continue to draw until the result satisfies you.

6. Let’s add color to our sketch. Select Filter> Rendering> Lighting Effects (Filters> Render> Lighting Effects). The center of the light beam is placed on the pupil of the eye. Change the color of light to orange (choose closer to the solid). Turn down the brightness so that not all background is orange. It should look like the following:

7. Choose a brush airbrush (soft, round). Set the opacity to between 20% and 40%. From the color palette, select dark orange. We use this color for shadow areas in the folds around the eye. Do not increase the opacity, otherwise you can spoil everything. Pay attention to the image below – the intensity of the color is small.

8. Only a few strokes are highlighted in more detail, brighter.

9. Do not use pure black and pure white. Black can be replaced with dark red (for the image of shadow areas), and white – with light pink (white of the eye).

10. Add colors to the iris of the eye (in our example, green and brown), light colors around the eye. Pay attention to the fact that the edges of the eyes should look “wet.” Make them lighter in color, experiment with the size and opacity of the brush.

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