Drawing snow in photoshop

In this small but very useful lesson we will learn how to create snow in Photoshop. I hope it will look like a real one !!!

But before we get started, we need to upload a photo of a pine with a New Year’s toy (or use your own image suitable for this lesson).
You can upload an image here.

Open the image and proceed to the lesson. Let’s start with Rear Plana (Background or Background). As we know, the snow under the pine should be darker than in the foreground. Ok take Brush tool (Brush Tool) and select one of the standard brushes in the Photoshop gallery.

Choosing a color #babecc and make a few prints, as in the picture below.

After this, we make a brush size of 10 pixels and create snow between small areas of tree needles and on cones.

After this, it is necessary to make a little bit darker under the pine. For this we take Dimmer tool (Burn Tool): brush – 50 pixels, range – medium tones, exposure – 50% (Brush: 50 px Range: Midtones, Exposure: 50%) and make small dimming. The result should be as follows:

Now it’s time to draw snow on the middle ground. It should be a little brighter than in the background, but not as bright as in the front. Select another brush and set the foreground color. #d6d9e6.

Using this brush, add a little more strokes.

Now use another brush, set the foreground color. #f2f0f6 and add snow in the foreground. But do not create snow in the needles of the pine.

Then make a brush size of 25 pixels and create white snow on pine needles.

Looks great, right? Now we need to add snow on the back of the picture. Create a new layer and make a few strokes in white like in the image below:

Now use Blur tool (BlurTool), to blur this layer. The result should be as follows:

In my opinion it is very similar to real snow! I hope you are pleased with this lesson, albeit rather simple. Now you know how to make good snow!

Translation: Valkyrie
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