Fantasizing with Photoshop

Look at the image that we will try to create.

Materials for the lesson:


Step 1. First create the background. This time we will use simple texture combinations using different modes. Just open the first texture and the second one on top of it. Now change the last mode to Multiplication and set the opacity to 40%, then merge the two layers.

Step 2. Create a duplicate layer. Discolor top and take Eraser Tool ((E) (Eraser) to remove excess from the upper left area. Use Motion Blur (Blur in motion) in this layer as in the image below, merge the layers and then add a little red and blue using Image> Adjustments> Color Balance (Image> Correction> Color Balance).

Step 3. We now take a photo of the girl. Cut it from the original and paste it into the center of your work. We will change the color and lighting using modes.

We must remember that the light must fall from the left corner of the image, so we must display this on the girl, considering all the glare and shadows. We go to Image> Adjustments> Hue /Saturation (Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation) and add some saturation to the image.

Create a duplicate of our layer with a girl, and, selecting the top layer, go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness /Contrast (Image> Correction> Brightness / Contrast) and add more brightness. Change the mode to and Screen Opacity 58%. Then you can remove (using a soft brush and a mask or eraser) dark areas under the arms and hands.

Create a duplicate of the first layer with the girl and move it on top of another. Go to Image> Adjustments> Levels (Image> Correction> Levels) and darken it. Pay attention to the shadows on her dress, do not worry about her face and other areas.

When you succeed in putting shadows on the dress, change the mode to Linear lightt and use again Eraser to remove unwanted dark areas, such as her face, light areas on her hands, etc. Now merge the layers with the girl.

Take Dimmer (Burn Tool (O)) to make the zones darker than the desired one.. I darkened her hair and some features of her face.

Step 4. Our face doesn’t look too big, but the pixels are visible. We can fix this using the tool. Finger (Smudge Tool (R)). Take it with a small brush (about 16 px) and an intensity of about 30%, and use it on the face with small strokes in the direction of its facial features. Use Blur (Blur Tool (R)) to speed up the whole process, but do not overdo it, because we do not want to make a blurred face out of the face.

Step 5. Now duplicate the layer with the girl and add a bit of purple, green and blue to the bottom layer. We go to Image> Adjustments> Color Balance (Image> Correction> Color Balance) and put in the settings what is shown below.

Put the mode in the top layer on Hard light with an opacity of 40% and use Layer mask or Eraser To remove most of the image, leave only a few warm tones on the left side, from which light falls on our model. Merge the layers with the girl and then Image> Brightness /Contrast (Image> Brightness / Contrast) and add some brightness.

Step 6. Create the shadow of the girl in the easiest way. Create a new layer on top of the girl and use the tool Brush Tool ((B) Brush) in black to draw a few uneven horizontal lines under her legs and back.

Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur) and use a horizontal blur of 760 px. Now create a shadow that falls from the girl into the background. Duplicate the girl layer, fill it with black (for example, go to Levels and make it darker) and place your shadow as shown below. Reduce it a bit using free transform (Command + T) and add Gaussian Blur (Filters> Blur> Gaussian Blur) Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur 21 px.

Put mode Soft light, 75% opacity, and erase the bottom of the shadow

Step 7. Create a new layer, take the black soft again. Brush (B), draw the dark areas as shown in the image.

Now Filter> Motion Blur (Filter> Blur – Motion Blur) and add the following settings. If you want, use this filter several times.

Set the opacity to 70%, if you see fit, remove some flaws and set the mode to Multiplication.

Step 8. Create a new layer, use a smoky white brush and place this layer below the girl. You can use Motion Blur.

Step 9. Create a few gentle rays of light in the corner of the image. You can draw simple lines and apply Motion Blur, make it the same brush that you used for the smoke. Duplicate some of the layers and apply Motion blur (Filters> Blur> Motion Blur – Filter> Blur> Motion Blur) with these settings.

Place the layer in the corner and repeat the previous step with another brush. Use free transform (Command + T) to change the angle of the rays. To achieve a good result, I made three layers with rays.

Step 10. Now paste the ribbons, pre-cutting them from the prepared image.

Then Image> Adjustments> Hue /Saturation (Image-Correction-Hue / Saturation). Set the following indicators.

Grab the Burn Tool (O) Dimmer , to make parts on tapes that are not affected by light, darker. You can work with levels or other settings for a better color.

Insert into our work more tapes from other similar images, then change the color tone / saturation, dimmer The Burn Tool (O) is the same as we did in the previous step.

Add a shadow for the last ribbon falling on the girl’s dress. There are many ways to do this. For example, draw a dark stripe and use Gaussian blur. Change the opacity and set the mode to Multiplication.

As for the second tape, duplicate this layer, fill with black and apply the filter Gaussian blur.

Mode Soft light and erase unnecessary areas. Then I add a new ribbon and a new layer for the shadow below the model.

Finally, add another ribbon and a new layer with a shadow under the model.

Step 11. Decorate everything with flowers. We insert, we change indicators in Levels to taste.

Using stock images, we add a flower arrangement behind the figure of a girl. You will need images: 1, 2, 3.

And so, draw the shadows using blur, then change the color on one of the images. Image> Adjustments> Hue /Saturation (Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation), choose yellow colors and set the saturation as below.

Put a flower in the girl’s hand. To give the flower a finished look, click on the layer with the flower and draw a black shadow on the top, then apply Gaussian blur. If necessary, change the opacity. Create a new layer below the flower and draw two small shadows, apply a Gaussian blur and lower the opacity if necessary.

Consider only the fall of the light on the image, and so, trust your imagination and go ahead. Everything is done very simply, in the same way. Simply cut, paste and adjust color with levels if needed.

Step 12. Add the rays of light that will emanate and the hands of the girl. To do this, grab an 8 px hard brush and set it to a white background color. Now take the feather Pen Tool (P) and select the contours option at the top.

Draw a curve similar to the one on the image and click the desired button on your mouse, then select. Run contour stroke (Stroke Path). In this menu, select a brush and check the box. Imitation of pressure (Simulate Pressure box).

Click OK. Click the button. In this layer, click Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay (Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay). Adjust the gradient from black to blue as shown below. Then click on the Outer Glow and add a blue glow.

Apply to the Gauss Blur layer. Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and add 2.5 px.

Duplicate the layer and change the position of the new layer.

Take a smoky white brush again. Draw some smoke and select Edit> Transform> Warp (Edit> Transform> Distort) and change the direction of the smoke as you like.

For another ray, I used the same path.

Step 13. Create a new layer. Take a white brush to draw a strip, and then apply a blur to it. Change the mode to Overlap. Then you can move it along the ribbons, imitating the light.

As for the rays below the girl, do everything on the same system. As soon as you finish processing one of them, duplicate the layer and move until you get a similar result. Add smoke as we did before.

Using this simple path, I created different points of light, marked in red. I drew a blue light in the previous step.

Step 14. We finish creating. We just need to add a couple of details to make our image more attractive. For example, add a few petals for decoration. Also add a couple of flowers hovering in the air. To create a motion effect, use Gaussian blur.

Cut another ribbon, insert it in the right corner of our image and add Blur in motion. Then Layer> Layer style> Drop Shadow (Layer> Layer Style> Shadow) and set the numbers as below.

Add another ribbon to the bottom of the image and repeat Blur in motion.

Step 15. At the end, add a few adjustment layers. We go to the upper layer, then Layer> New Adjustments Layer> Levels (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels). Set the following settings and repeat the process for Color balance and Gradient maps. Make the opacity in the Gradient Map 9%, and in the Levels and 75%.

Result below and I hope that you were satisfied with the received. I think that you will need the technique from this lesson to create your own unique works. Good luck and inspiration.

Author: Oliver Cereto

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