Fire demon

In this lesson, we will create a collage with a demon on the background of the destruction of the city, using only these photos and, of course, Photoshop! What are we waiting for? Getting started!

We will use only 4 photos:

Now that we have all the ingredients, let’s get started!

Step 1. Create a new document sized 950x1200px. Open image with city. Using the buttons Ctrl+A select the entire image. Then click Ctrl+C, to copy it. Go to our document and click Ctrl+V in order to insert a panorama of the still whole city. Fit it to size with Free transformation (Free Transform) – press Ctrl + T.

Click on the menu Image> Correction> Curves (Image> Adjustment> Curves) and create a dark red glow on the panorama. After that, the explosions will look more realistic. To do this, raise the red line and lower the blue and green as shown in the figure.

Step 2. Now it’s time for our demon to take shape. We paste into our document images of a person and his future wings. We don’t need the whole person. Omit the edge of everything below the belt.
Now change the size and position of the wings. To do this, select one wing with the tool “Rectangular area and then click Ctrl+T, to transform it as you please. It was enough for me to just resize and rotate them. Do not forget about anatomy. The wings of the demons grow from the blades! This is what I got:

Step 3. Now we need the wings to “grow out” evenly from the back. This can be achieved in different ways:
1. With the help of “Layer masks (Layer Mask). So did the author of this lesson. He took a black brush at 50px with stiffness (Flow) 0% and opacity (Opasity) about 30%. Created a layer mask on the wing layer and wielded it.

2. I used the tool “Finger (Smudge Tool) and just flattened the wing on the back.

Step 4. A very easy step on our path to perfection. This time, to darken, we will not use “Curves”, but “Levels“(Levels). To begin with, collect the Man and both wings on one layer. So they will change together. To do this, select these layers and in the Layers menu, select Merge layers. Or just click Ctrl+E. To add a layer of levels, click Layers> New Adjustment Layer> Levels (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels). You will see a window as shown below.

Call it what you want, it doesn’t matter much, and then click Ok. Darken, but not much. Move the sliders as shown below.

Step 5. Let’s continue to work on our demon. To do this, we will add some realistic shadows to it. Create a new layer between the person and your adjustment layers (this way we will only make our lives easier). Take brush 60px with hardness (Flow) at 25% and opacity (Opasity) about 40%. Now use this brush to draw the shadow. Keep in mind that the light source will eventually go from the upper left corner. Based on this, you need more shadow on the right side of the demon. In short, the necessary zones are marked below.

Step 6. This step is dedicated to the explosion! Leave the demon as it is, we will come back to it. But first, EXPLOSIONS! If you open and import an explosion, you will see that this is not the easiest part of the job. So what do we do ?! Well, I’ll tell you a little secret – we will erase everything now!
Yes, we will use eraser (Eraser Tool). That’s all we need. We take a soft “Eraser” size under 80px and 100% opacity (Opasity). If you are not sure that you can carefully remove everything with an eraser, use the layer mask. It does not matter.

The last step (not a lesson!) Is to clarify the boundaries of the explosion. To do this, use smaller erasers (or brushes) with an opacity of about 40%. In general, the author of the lesson (in his words) took two minutes to work with the explosions. And I spent about 15 minutes – no less. The last thing you need to do separately for each explosion is using either the “Pen (Pen Tool) or “Lasso (Lasso Tool) select them and throw on separate layers. Select the explosion and click Shift+Ctrl+J (cut to a new layer).

Step 7. Now that we have three explosions, cut out and separated into different layers (they should not be perfectly cut, because we will later make corrections). All you need is to choose a suitable place for an explosion. The author chose the building in the upper left corner. Set the desired size to the explosion using Free transformation (Ctrl + T). Once this is done, we should get something like this.

Step 8. Now the author has applied a stamp to a small combination of explosions. It copies and overlays with the mode “Darkening basics»(Color Burn) for greater brightness and entertainment of the explosion.

Step 9. Now we have two things to do. First, with Curves Improve explosion (optional step – at this stage explosions can already look cool). We select a layer with an explosion and work with curves, as the author did.

Secondly, now we will give the flame “orangeness”. Create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N), fill it with orange color (the author used # ff8a02). Create mask for this layer and fill it with black Layer> Mask Layer> Hide All (Layer> Layer Mask> Hide All). Now we take a brush larger than 100px with a stiffness (Flow) of 0% and opacity (Opasity) of about 40% and make the explosion areas visible.

Step 10. You need to make the city orange too! To do this, create a new layer with Levels (Levels) above the orange layer we just created Layers> New Adjustment Layer> Levels (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels). Change the settings as shown below. If you want, play with the sliders to achieve a slightly different effect. This is such a great tool!

Step 11. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). In the Image menu, select “External channel»(Image> Apply Image). So you will have the top layer, which combined all the work. You can do otherwise and immediately press Ctrl + Shift + E, but you will not have separate layers!

Step 12. We are almost done! Create a layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), above all others. Fill it with orange (for example # ff6c00). Again, create a mask, fill it with black. Choose Brush – about 25px, stiffness (Flow) 0% and 40% opacity (Opasity). White colour.

Before you put the brush in the case, look at the picture below. Numbers indicate places affected by lighting.
1. Obviously, you need to paint over the explosions. This will hide the jambs allowed in the selection, and add realism. Pay attention to the spaces between the buildings. Calculate so that the explosion covers only the necessary houses.
2. Ideally, the whole area above the city should be a little glow.
3. Right wing: the higher – the less light. Closer to the left – darker.
4. Repeat the previous step, with the left wing.
5. Note that the left wing casts a shadow on the back, as indicated by a line.
6. Fingers! And the head! Need to properly distribute the light on them. After that, it will just be a masterpiece!

Here is the final version (using the tips from step 12). The author has added an inscription. Who cares: Regret – Regret.

Here is the translator option:

Author: Kieran Innes

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