Frozen in stone

In this lesson, step by step, I will show you how to create a photo manipulation with a distorted figure of a girl. In the process of the lesson we will use metal and stone textures, which we will impose on the female body to create the main effect. We will also use adjustment layers, masks, and a filter to fine-tune the effect.

Note: This lesson was done in Photoshop CC, so some screenshots may vary. Also, some brushes are exclusive and are available only in Photoshop CS6.

Final image:

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Step 1

Create a new document sized 800px * 1180px (Ctrl + N) with black background. Open the stone texture and select the part:

Copy (Ctrl + C) select the part of the texture, insert it into the new document (Ctrl + V), rotate 90 degrees and reduce to fit the size of the document.

Eraser (E) with hard edges, erase some of the texture to create holes.

Above all layers add an adjustment layer. Levels (levels):


Step 2

Open the model image, separate it from the background and place it in the main document. Reduce the layer with the model (Ctrl + T).

Combining the eraser with hard and soft edges, erase the edges of the body, as shown in the screenshot:

Add a correction layer to the girl layer Black and white (Black and White) with clipping mask.

Layer mask (in red on the screenshot) of the adjustment layer Black and white (Black and White):

Also add a correction layer. Levels (Levels).

Adjustment Layer Mask Levels (in the screenshot it is red).


Step 3

Add a metallic texture to the model layer. Open the file with this texture and tool. Lasso (Lasso Tool) select its part.

Copy the selected part of the metal texture. (Ctrl + C), paste it into the main document (Ctrl + V), Add a clipping mask to the model layer (place this layer over all adjustment layers that were added in step 2). Add adjustment layer Black and White (Black and White).

Add a layer mask to the layer with a metallic texture and a black brush to remove some parts:


Double-click on the layer and in the Overlay Settings window that opens, change the layer’s overlay mode to Dimming basics (color burn).


Step 4

Add a stone texture to our image: open the image with it and select the upper left part:

Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) selected area in the working paper and an eraser with soft edges erase the edges:

Add a correction layer to the stone texture layer. Black and white (Black and White):

Also add a correction layer. Levels:

Around the stone texture, add a splash effect using a splash brush (find it yourself on the Internet).

Step 5

We are almost done! Merge all layers into one layer. (Ctrl + E) (duplicate all layers before mixing (Ctrl + J), to be able to change the image if necessary). Duplicate the background layer (Ctrl + J) and apply a duplicate filter Emphasis on edges (Accented Edges).

This filter made the grooves in the stone extra black.

Add a mask to this layer and use a black brush to create a background layer.

Step 6

Add colors to the image. Add an adjustment layer over all layers. Levels (Levels):

Adjustment Layer Mask Levels:

Add also adjustment layer Color Balance:

Adjustment Layer Mask Color Balance:

Add adjustment layer Curves (Curves):

Adjustment Layer Mask Curves (Curves):

Add adjustment layer Juiciness (Vibrance):

Final image:

Lesson author: psdvault

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