Funny fluffy

In this photoshop tutorial Anna Andreeva teach you to make funny fluffy!


1. Open a new document size 450×450 pixels.
Resolution 72 dpi

2. Using the Oval Area tool make a selection, like this:

3. Now let’s switch to the “quick mask” mode or just click Q. Choose Filter-Strokes-Spraying (Filter-Brush Strokes-Spatter).

It should turn out like this:

Do not be intimidated by the pink background – this is the background of the “quick mask” mode.

4. Go to the normal mode (Q) and fill the resulting selection with color. # fec003 or whatever you want (of course, on a new layer !!!). Cancel the selection. It should work like this:

5 Now choose Filter-Noise-Add Noise (Filter-Noise-Add noise) with the following settings:

and it will turn out like this:

If we want our fluffy to be made of, say, spotted or striped fur, then before adding noise, you need to draw specks or stripes like this:

and then apply the “Noise” filter:

6. The next step is to add a filter. Radial blur
(Filter-Blur-Radial blur).

The settings are as follows:
Method – linear,
Quality is the best
Degree – 63.

The degree depends on how long the villi of your fur will be (the greater the degree – longer than the villus).

The result should be this:

7. Now add our fluffy even more volume with Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects
(Filter-Render-Lighting effects).

This is what should happen:

And now about the beautiful … Draw a funny face in any way you can, and your Fluffy will come to life !!!:

If you go further and collect all the will and knowledge of Photoshop into a fist, then you can make an animation like this:

Good luck to everyone and successful gnawing holes in Photoshop granite !!!

See you at www.!

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