Glass balls

So, in this lesson we will learn to draw 3D balls.

First, open a new document of 500×500 pixels and fill it with a gradient from #6c256d to #21081f.

Create a new layer. Choose a tool Ellipse Tool (Ellipse) and draw a circle in the center, as shown below.

Now double click on the layer to bring up the Layer Styles window. Apply styles: Inner Light and Gradient overlay (Inner Glow and Gradient Overlay).

Well, create a new layer and merge it with the previous layer to get an already rasterized shape with the styles applied.

Then, using the tool Burn tool (dimmer; light 30%) do blackouts on the left and right sides of the ball.

Now add some gloss to our ball. Let’s go Selection – Modification – Squeeze 4 pixels (Select – Modify – Contract). Create a new layer. Activate the tool Linear Gradient (Gradient Tool), color – from white to transparent, and fill the selection, as shown below.

Create an oval selection like this:

Invert the selection (Ctrl + Shift + I) and press Delete – with the active layer with a gradient.
Remove selection Highlight – deselect all (Select> Deselect).

Now use the blur tool. (Mode: normal; transparency: 50%) to slightly blur the bottom edge of the highlight. It should look like this:

Now add some more sparkle to the sphere. Create a new layer and make an oval selection, as shown in the figure, fill it with white.

Now using the same tool create another selection inside. Click Delete to delete the middle.

Do the same as shown in the pictures. Select and delete.

Deselect (Ctrl + D). Change the layer’s overlay mode to Overlap (Overlay), and set the layer opacity to 35%.

Create a new layer. Make a selection, as in the picture, and fill it with black.

Now you need to cut off part of the black oval. Click on the initial layer with the ball, holding Ctrl, now select the layer with black oval, then: Selection – Invert selection (Select> Inverse) and click Delete.

We remain on the layer with the “former” black oval, remove the selection. Let’s go: Filter – Rendering – Flare (Filter> Render> Lens Flare) and set the following settings:

Now, with a soft eraser with 50% transparency, process the edges.

Change blending mode to Linear Dodge (Linear Dodge).

Add another bright light to the bottom. Create a selection and fill it with white.

Make a new selection as shown below and press Delete to cut the part.

Apply filter – blur – radial blur (Filter> Blur> Radial Blur) with the following settings:

Apply filter – blurring – Gaussian blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur):

Our area should look like this:

Use Editing – Transformation (Edit> Free Transform) for the following result:

Apply layer style Internal glow (Inner Glow).

Now create a mirror image of the ball. Merge all layers with a sphere and create a copy of this layer. Let’s go Editing – Transformation – Flip Vertically (Edit> Transform> Flip Vertical) and move this layer down a bit:

Enable quick mask mode (Quick Mask Mode) and apply the gradient as shown below:

Disable quick mask mode. You should get this selection:

Press Delete several times and deselect. Set the layer opacity to 50%.
Now add some shadow to the sphere, take the tool (Elliptical Marquee Tool), create a selection as shown below and fill it with black.

Deselect and set the opacity to 70% on this layer. Apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur):

3D sphere is ready! I hope you have succeeded!

Transfer: Olga Kasatkina

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