Glass sphere

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a transparent glass sphere. Also learn to use the tool Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval selection) to draw a circle and still learn a lot of useful photoshop secrets.

The main tools of this lesson are:
Elliptical Marqee
Gradient tools

1. Create a simple circle using Elliptical Marquee Tool.
Fill it with this color # 3E7FD7.

2. Double-click on the circle layer and add a style. Inner glow as shown below:

3. Highlight a circle. Ctrl and click on the circle layer

Create a new layer.
Add a selection to the new layer.
linear gradient Linear gradient
(from white to transparent / white to transparent).

4. Click Ctrl + T, to trigger a free transformation team.
Now we have to change the size of the white gradient with this tool.
Remember – it is on a separate layer.

Look at the screenshot below. You need to achieve the same result. Control the nodes with the cursor.
Hold key Shift and pull to the center of the circle by the top right node – the figure will begin to decrease proportionally. If a Shift do not pinch, the figure is transformed disproportionately.

5. Hide the background layer – turn off the eye opposite

Create a new layer. , Let it be above all in the layers palette.

And then click Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E – all open layers will merge together on this layer.

6. Select this merged layer and create a circular selection with a large radius above the circle.

Now copy the selected area and paste it on a new layer. .

So we made the top of the sphere. Here it is shown in the figure. If you also decided to move it, then put it in place.

7. Create a new layer. and place it above the base layer of the merged circle.

On the created layer, draw a white ellipse at the bottom of the circle.
Duplicate this ellipse and slightly reduce the size. Place a small ellipse just below, as shown.

8. Select the layer where you have a large ellipse.
Select it – click Ctrl and click on the layer.

Now select cylindrical gradient set the color gray – white – gray – white – gray and stretch the gradient in width from edge to edge.

9. Place the white small ellipse over the gray-white layer.

10. Now open the eye at the background layer and remove the parts of the sphere that we do not need.

11. Now create the glass part.
Create a circle of the same size as the sphere and select a color that you like best (the lesson uses color #FFFFFF).

Place this layer above all others.

Double click on the layer – add Gradient overlay.

12. Now refer to the panel. Layer and install
parameter Fill amount0%.
The layer will become invisible, but the layer effect will remain!

13. Create a reflection from the white gradient (we have done this before with the blue circle – see step 3), also make a new layer and place it above the “glass” layer.

14. And now it’s time for creativity! Inside the glass sphere you can place a little man.

In my opinion it turned out great!


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