Globe from Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a real globe.

Create a new document. 60×60,
background: Transparent (Transparent)

Take a white pencil as thick as 4px. Then draw a vertical line along the left edge and a horizontal line below. (see drawing)

After go to menu Edit-> Define Pattern (Editing – Define texture) and save it as “Square”

Close the document.

Create a new document. 500×500.

– Take .
– Pinch Shift, and draw a circle.

Apply the following layer styles:

– Gradient overlay

– Inner shadow

– Now create a new layer, name it “Grid”

– On this new layer go to menu Edit-> Fill (Edit – Run Fill). Choose: Pattern (Pattern / texture), and in the next window, select the texture that you recently created.

– Download map

– Open the map in Photoshop and move the map to the document with the ball.

– Place the map on the globe as you wish.

– CTRL + click on the round shape layer to load the selection.

– Now click on the layer with the map, now we will deform it a little.

Go to menu Filter-> Distort-> Spherize (Filter – Distortion – Spherization)
Amount: 100%,
blend mode: normal

Now select the “Grid” layer and also apply the “Spherization” filter

Move the “Grid” layer above the map layer.

Then go to the menu Select-> Inverse (Select – Invert), click DELETE to remove everything that goes beyond the edges of the ball on the layer with the grid, as well as on the layer with the map.

Now change the blending mode on the layer with mesh to “Overlay“(Overlap), and on the map layer -“Color dodge“(Lightening basics)

It turned out such a wonderful globe!

See you at www.!

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