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In this lesson we will create an amazing effect with brushes and light experiments: a cosmic face created with letters and a flash.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Look on the Internet for a face image on a black background (in this lesson, the author used a personal image), we also need a set of brushes and an image that will help to get an explosion effect.

Step 2. Open the image with the face, unlock the layer – double-click on the layer, name the layer “face”. Create a new layer (SHIFT + CTRL + N), name the layer “Background”, restore the default colors by pressing the key D, and then fill the document black (Alt + Backspace), place it on the layers palette at the bottom.

Step 3. Create a new layer, select the “Brush” (Brush Tool (B)), and from the set that we downloaded, select the brush with more letters, white, 2500 pixels (you can set the size as you like), apply.

Step 4. Being on the top layer “Layer 1”, press CTRL+Click on the layer “Layer 1” thumbnail – the layer selection will be loaded. Go to the “face” layer, copy the selection CTRL + C and paste CTRL +V. You will see that a new layer will be automatically created, name it “Cameleon”, delete “Layer 1”. If you hide the “face” layer, you will see that the letters take the shape of a face.

Step 5. Now repeat step 3 and step 4 as many times as you see fit (the author suggests 8 times) until the face becomes clear, put all the layers with letters in the group (CTRL + G) (before that, all layers need to be selected), name the group “letters”

Step 6. To make the effect clearer (the letters overlap each other), add a shadow. Select one of the layers from the “letters” group and apply a layer style (click 2 times on the layer with the LMB)

Mode (Blend Mode): multiplication (Multiply), opacity (Opacity 90%), angle (Angle) 30 °, offset (Distance) 8px, size (Size) 5px.

Right-click on the layer, select “Copy layer style” from the menu that opens, select all the layers in the group and right-click on the layer, select “Paste layer style”, you will see that all layers will have a shadow.

Step 7. The basis is ready, we will be engaged in color. Create two new layers, name one “orange”, fill with colorffc600, the second “blue” fill color #080d4c. Fill (Fill) for the blue layer 50% and blending mode (Blend Mode): “replacement light (Lighten), for “orange” Fill (Fill) 6% Blend Mode (Blend Mode): Lighter Color

Step 8. Choose a tool “Brush” (Brush Tool (B)), round brush size 150 px. Select two colors (#00fffc) and (#00ff4e) for lines. Create a new layer and draw lines as shown below.

Step 9. Apply to the layer with lines. Filter \ Blur \ Motion Blur (Filter \ Blur \ Motion Blur), Angle (Angle): -45° offset (distance): 998 px.

Step 10. Further apply Filter \ Blur \ Gauss Blur (Filter \ Blur \ Gaussian Blur), Radius (Radius) – 124px, change the blending mode (Blend Mode): “replacement light (Lighten), opacity (opacity) for a layer of 50%.

Step 11. Create a new layer with a brush from step 8, color #ff0066 draw lines as below

Step 12. Apply Filter \ Blur \ Gauss Blur (Filter \ Blur \ Gaussian Blur), Radius (Radius) – 250 px, change the blending mode (Blend Mode): “Lightening (Screen).

Step 13. Open the Fireworks image you downloaded at the beginning. On the menu Image \ Correction \ Hue \ Saturation(Image \ Adjustment \ Hue / Saturations) CTRL + U)) change the Hue -98. Select the entire image (CTRL + A), copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL +Va) image with a face. CTRL + T, right click and select “Rotate 180 ° “

Step 14. Change the blending mode (Blend Mode) for the layer to “Linear Dodge»(Linear Dodge).

Step 15. Create a new layer, fill it with black, in the menu Filter \ Render \ Blick (Filter \ Render \ Lens Flare), Brightness 89%, lens type 35 mm

Step 16. Change the blending mode (Blend Mode) for the layer to “Lightening“(Screen), you can rotate the layer (CTRL + T) to get the result as below

Final image

The author hopes that you have learned something new for yourself and had a fun time.
Good luck!

Author: Vasjen Katro

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