In jazz only squirrels!

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll make a fun simple collage. This lesson will be very useful for beginners Photoshop artists.

The main character in our collage will be squirrel. We will make a cool saxophonist out of him!

Getting started!

In this lesson we will use the following images:

Save them on your computer and open in Photoshop.

The basis of the picture is a photo with a squirrel.

Take the move tool and drag the hat to the photo with the squirrel. Using the eraser erase the background around the hat.

Click Ctrl + T (free transform) – a frame will appear around the hat. Right-click on the frame and select the “flip horizontally” command. Now the hat looks the same way as the squirrel.

Hold key Shift and pull the corner of the frame to reduce the image of the hat.

Place the hat on the head of the squirrel. Take the eraser, set the transparency of the eraser near thirty% and erase the part of the hat where the squirrel’s ear is hiding.

Create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) – move it under the hat layer.

Take a medium soft brush , Set black color. Draw a shadow under the brim of the hat.

Now take a photo with a can of 7up, remove the background and place it near the squirrel. Just like you did with the hat, draw the shadow of the jar.

The last trick is to add a squirrel saxophone!
Cut it out and place in the legs of the squirrel. Then take an eraser and erase the part of the tool that covers the squirrel’s fingers.

That’s it! In jazz, only protein!

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