Iplanik from the planet Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw a funny alien. Techniques and techniques that we will use here will be useful to you to create your own design stuff.

Create a new document with black color.
Then another new layer, name the layers “Iplanik” – this is what we will call our alien guest for short.

On this new layer, draw a circle shape with a size 108 x 108 px, and color # A8FF00.
If you want the circle to become a ball, then apply the following styles:


Gradient overlay:

Inner shadow:

Now we will add the Implanika eyes.

Create a new layer and draw a black circle on it. 20 x 20 px.
Set the blending mode to Soften light (Soft light) and add the Stroke style:

Draw the same eye on the right.

Create a new layer. Draw a black circle sized 77 x 77 px. Then add a gradient overlay.

Duplicate the gray ball layer and place it as follows:

And again duplicate the same gray ball and place it in the same way as shown:

Also make two copies to complete the basis for the body of Iplanika.

Select the polygon shape tool. Make the same settings as in the figure.

On a new layer, draw a size of 30 px, black figure in the center of the body Iplanika.

Now add styles: shadow, gradient overlay, stroke

Here is a pot should get you.

Again a new layer. On it we draw the same shape with the size 15 px. Use the same settings to get the desired shape.

Add style:

Duplicate Iplanika leg and place it on the right.

Duplicate the foot again, then reduce and expand it using free transformation (Ctrl + T). These will be pens.

Look how cute he is!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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