Laser sword

If you are fond of computer games, then this Photoshop lesson will be to your liking, since here we will draw a laser sword.

First, create a new document and take the tool. , set radius 100% and draw just such an elongated white shape:

Click the button at the bottom of the layers palette and apply styles:

External glow:

and Inner Glow:

We got the laser itself.

Now we will draw the hilt of the sword.
Draw a rectangle with

Now add more pivot points on the edge of the figure. Stretch and position the control points so that you get this figure:

From a distance, the view will be something like this.

The shape of the handle is ready, now we need to paint it. Add a color overlay style.

And also the “Overlay gradient”

That’s what she became after applying styles.

Now take the tool with radius 100% and draw just such a small gray line. Colour #4c4c4c.

Next, click Ctrl + T and place the line parallel to the grip. Then duplicate and move as shown below:

Tool line (size 1 pixel) draw a line in the same color across the handle.

Duplicate the line and mark as shown:

Now draw a white rectangle.

Apply Color Overlay to it.

And Gradient Overlay

That’s what happens as a result !!!

For more light, you can duplicate the laser layer.

See you at www.!

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