Making a fractal drawing in Photoshop

Step 1. First we need to create a new document with a size of 1600×1200 pixels. Then click (Ctrl +R), to call the ruler and change the unit to percents. Divide the image into four equal parts. Then using gradient tool , draw radial gradient (# 095261 – # 000000), which should look like the image below.

Step 2. Now take Ellipse tool (U) and draw a white circle. Remember that the circle must be correct, so do not forget to hold the button Shift Now create a folder and place a circle there. As in the picture below.

Step 3. Let’s add depth and volume to our shape using Layer style. As in the pictures below.

Step 4. Make 3 duplicates to our circle and place them as in the image below. Then merge four circles into a new layer. (Ctrl + E) besides the background, name it “Fractal 1”.

Step 5. Now, duplicate the layer (Ctrl +J) and push Ctrl + T. Reduce our copy, tilt it slightly and shift the center (transform center) to the side.

Step 6. Now we will use another useful key combination. Click Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T, to apply Free transform repeatedly.
If you repeat this command several times, you will see that you get an interesting fractal object. Photoshop creates a new layer every time you use this command.

Step 7. Select all your layers with shapes (except the background) and merge them into one layer. (Ctrl +E) Move our shape layer a little lower.

Step 8. Duplicate our shape layer and transform it like the image below.

Step 9. And now we repeat step 6, press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T and we got the third fractal, rotating and not duplicating anything, smart Photoshop did everything for us. Now that we have all three fractals, merge them into one layer. (Ctrl +E) and name it fractal 2.

Step 10. Duplicate the layer and click Ctrl + T. Using clamped shift + alt, rotate and slightly reduce the image, as in the photo.

Step 11. Now, we lose a little with the color settings. Hue / Saturation (Ctrl +U). Make our picture a little greener.

Step 12. And again we copy, transform and change color (Ctrl + U).

Step 13. Repeat the combination (ctrl + shift + alt + t). The main thing do not forget to change the color of your fractals. When done, merge all the layers except the background and name it fractal 3.

Step 14. Add shadows to the fractal (Layer> Layer Style> Drop Shadow).

Step 15. Duplicate the fractal 3 layer and transform it. As in step 5, reduce the copy in size, rotate it slightly, and slide it to the side transform center.

Step 16.Free transform again (ctrl + shift + alt + T) as in the picture.

Here is the final result.

But the result of the translator.

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