Marine background

This result should be:

Let’s start.

Step 1. Create a new file, I usually use 1024 * 768, sizes according to my screen. Take the tool Gradient and create a new gradient:

To do this, simply double-click on the gradient image:

Using the sliders, create a new gradient:

Change to radial gradient:

Click and drag as shown below:

Step 2. Create a new layer and set the colors: for the foreground – dark blue, and the second – white:

Filter – Rendering – Clouds:

You should have something like this:

Filter – Distortion – Ripples:

We change its size from large to medium. Like this:

Change mode with Normal on Overlap:

See how deep the sea is:

Step 3. The final part – create another layer. Use again Filter – Rendering – Clouds, just change its blending mode to Overlap.
You can add some text, and this is what we get:

Good luck!

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