Medusa from Photoshop

We suggest that you immediately select a picture with an underwater landscape to draw a jellyfish there.

If not found, simply create a new document and fill it with a dark blue color.

Try to draw the same shape as in the picture.
Draw a white circle first. , then take the contour editing tool and select the lowest point on the contour. Then find the up arrow key on the keyboard and press it to deform the circle.

Double-click on the jellyfish layer in the layers palette and add the following style:

“External glow”

“Inner Glow”


That’s what you get.

Now draw a slight bulge under the head with (Pen).

Add the same styles to the new form.

Then draw a line. You can do this with a rounded rectangle, then add additional points along the contour, move them so that at the end you get a wavy line.

Add lines “external glow” style

Then the style of “inner glow”

Here is the result !!!
Using a brush, you can paint on the headlights of a jellyfish, as well as the shadows under these sea creatures.

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