Metal text

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create a metallic effect on the text.

Step one. Create a new document. 400×200 pix., with resolution 72 squeak / inch.

Step 2. Take the tool Text (Type tool (T)), font select Stencil std, type size 90 Fri Write the word SILVER (place the text in the center of the document).

Step 3. Call the window Layer style (Layer Styles) by clicking on the text layer twice.
In the Layer Style window that appears, select Internal glow (Inner Glow):

Step 4. Now select Stamping (Bevel and Emboss) and set the following settings:

Step 5. Then, select Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) and set the following parameters:

* Tick opposite Inversion, it is worth it that the color of the Gradient will be from White to Black, if you will have colors without Inversion exactly like in the screenshot, then you do not need to put a tick *

Step 6. Add a Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) and set the following parameters:

Step 7. Go to Contours (Contour) and click on the thumbnail of the contours:

In the window that appears Contour Editor (Contour Editor) Bend a curve approximately as in the screenshot.

* Also in the contours tab. Can increase Range, I stopped at 68% *

This is what you should end up with:

* These settings were chosen for this text and its size, if you will

Those do on another text and with a different size, to get a similar result, you will need to play with the settings in the Emboss tab and Outlines tab, with a curved mane. *

Step 8. Create a new layer (Shift +Ctrl +Alt +N) below the text layer. Go to the text layer and click Ctrl +E. This operation rasterizes the text layer while removing the layer style from the layers’ layers, which will allow us to apply the new Layer Style without affecting the previous Style settings.

Step 9. Duplicate this layer (Ctrl +J).
Apply to it Filter / Rendering / Lighting Effect (Filter / Render / Lighting Effects) by setting the following settings in it:

* Make sure that the Blend Mode, Copies of the text layer is set to Normal. *

This is what you should get:

Step 10. Go to Filter / Imitation / Cellophane Packaging (Filter / Artistic / Plastic Wrap). And you see the following parameters in the filter dialog box Cellophane packaging:

Step 11. Go to the original Layer with the text (the name of the layer is Layer 2), just apply a filter to it Cellophane packaging, but already with different parameters:

Step 12. Select Copy of text layer, apply layer style to it. Stroke (Stroke):

Step 13. While staying on a copy of the text layer, click Ctrl +E, to drain the layers.
Here is what you should get as a result:

You can experiment with colors and layer style settings to your liking and taste. I hope you liked the lesson and did not cause difficulties in implementation.

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