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According to the many requests I present to your attention a lesson in drawing faces.

1. Create a document of the size you need.
Here is the size 300×300 pixels Resolution 300 dpi.

2. Make an oval selection and fill it with white on the new layer. For clarity, my background is not white, but in the form of a piece of fur.

3. To make the eye not so dull-oval, we deform it. Ctrl + TWarp (Deformation). This “service” is available only in CS2!

It will turn out this way, and you, in your own way:

4. Add a style “Inner shadow“(Inner Shadow) with settings:

and it will turn out:

And a little more “drown” our eyes in the fur, adding the style “Shadow“(Drop Shadow) with these settings:

and it will turn out:

5. Now the pupil. Create a new layer, make a selection in the form of even circle (with Shift). Take the gradient tool – radial .

Let’s pick up 2 colors (darker and lighter). The colors should be the same tone (for example, blue and dark blue). Fill our round selection with gradient and it will turn out like this:

6. Take a round hard brush and “poke” once in black – the pupil will turn out:

You can directly on the layer with a blue circle.

7. On the new layer “poke” 2 times with a round hard white brush (radius less than the black pupil). These will be highlights:

Add some blur Filter – Blur – Blur on the frame (Filter – Blur – Box Blur), R =3.

8. Add a blue circleExternal glow“With these settings:

9. To create a second eye, simply duplicate the layers that make up the first eye. We horizontally reflect the protein and slightly deform it so that the eyes are not very similar. You can also make the far eye a little smaller. Understand the order of the layers – the first 3 layers – the proximal eye, the second 3 layers – the distant eye:

10. Now the nose. Draw it on top of all layers. The technology is the same … New layer, oval selection, shading, deformation:

11. Add styles “Inner shadow“And”Shadow“On the same principle as in the whites of the eyes:

We will also draw a highlight using an oval selection and a white to transparent gradient.

12. Draw a mouth with a pen . Draw a squiggle from 4 points like this:

The tool must be in the “contours” mode!

And now, ATTENTION. We act according to the algorithm:

1 Choose color #fc0505
2 Take a hard round brush size. 7px.
3 Create a new layer.
4 Let’s enter the “Contours” palette (tab next to the “Layers” palette)
5 On the contour in the palette, click the right button – select “Run a contour”

The result is:

13. Add mouth style “Inner shadow“And”Shadow“:

14. Language. Draw with Pen Tool figure in the form of a tongue (do not forget to switch to the “figure” mode

Language color #fc0505.

15. Add a tongue styles “Inner shadow“,”Shadow“And”Gloss“:

And also create a new layer above the tongue and a round soft brush, white color, opacity 60% ,make two highlights in the language.

16. Well, that’s ready fun little face !!!

With the help of this simple technique you can draw a bunch of cool creatures.

Here are my pussies for registration of a children’s book:

Imagine, learn, try and everything will work out !!! GOOD LUCK !!!

See you at www.!

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