Peace to you!

“We are all made of light”

Photo materials for the work are presented below:

To begin with, we need to clean the photo with clouds – remove trees and other objects.
Use the stamp tool. , to impose pieces of the sky on the black elements. You can simply cut the black area.

At the moment, the clouds are almost black and white. Let’s add some mood.

Open the window Shadow / Highlight (Light / Shadows) from the menu Image-Adjustments (Image / Correction) – Available in CS versions and above. Set the settings as shown below.

Then open the window Image / Adjustments / Selective Color (Selective color correction). Add warm colors to white and cool colors to black. OK

It turns out like this:

For now, leave the clouds alone.

Work with a dove. First, separate it from the background. Use your favorite cutting tools or masks.

When applying masks, be careful, the wings of a pigeon in motion look almost transparent, which means you need to adjust the transparency of the mask itself.

So move the bird to the new background.
It seems that the pigeon is slightly dirty, so we will lighten his breast.
Open the window again Shadow / Highlight and work this time with shadows.

Then duplicate the pigeon layer. Remove the yellow color from the bird using the window Selective color. Then copy again, lighten it and set the transparency 25%, set transparency to lower 85%.

After all the machinations with the poor bird, the pigeon became quite airy:

Let the dove shine now.

Copy the layer with the snow-white dove and place it under all the layers with the dove, but above the background.

For a while, make the layers with the pigeon invisible, except for the new one.
Open the Levels window (Image / Adjustments / Levels= Ctrl + L) and move the white triangle on the histogram to the left to the maximum, leaving only the white color in the image.

Then add a radial blur filter. Filter / Blur / Radial Blur, select method Zoom quality at its best. The center of the blur should be on the head of the pigeon. OK!

Now return all pigeon layers and merge them together.

Now create a new layer, take a black brush of a large radius, soft and almost transparent. Walk right around the perimeter of our image to give depth to the picture. Change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light):

And yet the picture is missing something. And can add textures? Here is this:

Place the texture at the very top in the layers palette.

Then set the mode Soft light (Soft light) transparency thirty%.
After duplicate the layer and change the mode to Lighten (Replacing light). This operation will allow the texture to appear in dark areas.

And here is the result of common works!

Enjoy! Peace to you!

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