Photo to vector drawing

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will transform an ordinary photo of a girl into a vector drawing.

This is a rather difficult lesson that will take you a long time, but it’s worth it! Thanks to this lesson you will understand how vector images of people are drawn.

Here we do not use any filter, only the Pen tool. If you do not know how to use the Pen tool, then look here.

Step 1

Find the photos you want to convert to vector drawing.

Step 2

Duplicate it and go to menu Image> Adjustments> Posterize (Image – Correction – Posterize) and select the required number of levels there. The more levels, the more detailed your vector image will be.

Step 3

Highlight the face and neck of the girl (exposed skin) with Use the pipette , to choose the skin color from the photo. Fill the selection with this color.

Step 4

Again with circle the hair, fill it with black and place this layer under the face layer.

Step 5

Since we lost some areas of hair on the temples and on the forehead, we need to finish them. We do this on a new layer above the face layer.

Step 6

Circle the edges of the clothes. Remember that every detail should be monochrome. Shadows we will draw later …

Step 7

And now, relying on your posterized base and the original image, determine the new level that you will draw and its color.


Step 8

Continue to draw shades on the skin. Layers with shadows should overlap each other according to the following principle: light layers are at the bottom, dark ones are at the top.
When you are done with the skin, combine all these layers.

Step 9

Since we have two layers with hair, make a new layer on the very top and draw light strands on it.
If your photo has dark hair, then it will be easy to do, and if it is light, then you will have to draw more accurately the shades obtained during posterization.

Step 10

Do the same with clothes.
If you look at the original photo, you will notice that the figure does not have enough necklaces. It’s okay, so be it.

If the person in the photo is a bit full or there is some detail on it that you do not like, then just remove it!

Step 11

Edit any remaining details …

Step 12

Now work with the eyes. First, on the new layer, draw the shape of the eye. Then create another layer and paint the eyelashes. After merging both layers together.

Step 13

On top of the black shape of the eye, draw a white slightly smaller size. And inside the white several circles, from which the pupil will turn out.

Step 14

We draw the lips. First draw the shape and fill it with the main color.

Step 15

Draw shadows and highlights on the lips, as well as in the mouth (if necessary).
Here, as you can see, the substrate for the teeth is drawn – this is the basis of the gums and the shadow of the teeth.

Step 16

And at the end draw your own teeth and glare on them.
Remember that all shadows and highlights need to be grouped with the primary color.

Step 17

And after several hours of work on this photo, look now at the result! We sincerely hope that you yourself like what you drew.

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