Quit smoking with Photoshop

Have you tried to quit smoking? This is not an easy task, isn’t it?
Why not create a replacement cigarette? Think it’s impossible? Even as possible! It is enough to open the program Photoshop, add effort, patience and imagination – and everything will turn out!

Step 1. Basis.
Open a new document of any size. Create a new layer and place it above the layer with a clean sheet (the layer is the background). On this new layer tool Rectangular marquee tool “Rectangular Selection” create a narrow rectangle – and fill the selected area with white color: #FFFFFF
Next, create a new layer again – name this layer “Filter” and create a selected area in width and height that will match the white part of the cigarette. Fill the selected area with orange-brown color: D79311
Note: For convenience, you can turn off the visibility of the “Background” layer.

Now your image will look like a drawing:

Step 2. Texture
Create a new layer and place it in the palette. Layer Layers above all existing layers and fill this layer with white. Next, enter the menu: Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise).
Set in the column “Amount” 400%; noise distribution – according to Gauss; way to: monochrome. After this, the texture will look like this image:

Now, with the texture layer lower the opacity to approximately 12%. The texture should lie on the entire image of the cigarette. Wipe off excess texture with an eraser.
Create a texture layer again – as you did above. Only now place this layer in the palette. Layer Layers above the layer “Background”, that is, below all layers with parts of a cigarette and a layer with a texture. Reduce the layer with the new texture so that it turns into a small rectangle that plays the role of tobacco, which is stuffed into a cigarette, at the base of the cigarette, as shown in the figure:

Step 3. Give a realistic cigarette.
Do you have all the previous steps? Then move on. Create a new layer, which is placed above all other layers and name this layer. “Gradient”.
Click the left mouse button while pressing <Ctrl> on a layer called “Filter” – the one we drew at the very beginning of the lesson and perform the following. actions: menu: Edit> Fill (Editing – Fill): fill this layer with white and set its opacity value to – 38%.
Now enter the menu “Gradient Editor” and create a gradient like the one you see in the picture:

Step 4. The final stage.
We are almost completing our project to create Realistic cigarette. All that remains is to add some small details. Create a new layer again and name it – “vertex”. Now activate the tool Pencil Tool “Pencil” and set the foreground color to dark brown – 3F2100. Now start adding some details at the end of your cigarette. Also take a slightly lighter color – 7D4100, and randomly do some extra details at the end of your cigarette, as shown below:

To complete our work, open a new layer and create a selection, the diameter of which will be the same as the diameter of the drawn cigarette. On this layer we will draw a silver strip separating the filter of the cigarette and its white part.
Enter the menu: Edit> Fill (Editing – Fill), fill the selection with the same gradient as before and set the opacity value to 100 %. Now apply the tool to the created strip. “Dimmer” and work them around the strip, set the opacity to 18 %.
You can also add some text.
And now, a realistic cigarette is ready!

I wish you success!

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