Rhapsody in Photoshop

Welcome, in this lesson we will create a beautiful composition using different textures. The lesson is a bit long, but the end result will be fantastic. We will combine photos and textures to get a beautiful collage at the end.

Final image

Before starting the lesson, download this archive, then create a new document 1500X1200px, Resolution (Resolution) 72dpi, RGB 8bits color mode, background color is black (#000000).

Next, load the nebula texture into Photoshop.

Reduce it Opacity (Opacity) up to 18%.

Then open the image of the gramophone and cut it (since the background is white, use Magic wand (W) (Magic Wand) and highlight the background, then go to the menu Select-> Inverse(Selection-> Inversion))

Now drag the gramophone to the working paper and position it as shown below.

Next, take Eraser (E) (Eraser) round shape with Hardness (Hardness) 0% and walk them along the left side of the gramophone to get the following result.

Then add an adjustment layer. GradientMap (Gradient map) through the menu Layer-> New Adjustment Layer-> GradientMap (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Gradient Map)

Duplicate the gramophone layer and place it above the adjustment layer. GradientMap (Gradient map).

Change the duplicate blend mode to HardLight (Hard light) and lower Opacity (Opacity) up to 50%.

Now load the next image in 3D rendering and place it next to the gramophone.

Take soft Eraser (E ) (Eraser) round shape and erase the part that comes on the gramophone.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), take the fractal brushes and create the following shapes using the color # e7f098.

Then go to the blending options via the menu Layer-> Layer Style-> Blending Options (Layer-> Layer Style-> Blending Options)

Outer glow (external glow)

Create another layer, place it below the layer with fractal shapes and draw a shadow using the same shapes, but in black.

Similarly, add musical notes.

Create another layer and draw bubbles.

Then go to the blending options:

Outer glow (external glow)

Then load the planets and position them as shown below:

Settings in the overlay settings.

Outer glow (external glow):

Inner glow (internal glow):

You should have the following:

Then add some vegetation.

Now create a new layer, take Brush (B) (Brush) and paint clouds with cloud brushes.

Finally press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E for copy of merged layers

Then go to menu Filter-> Blur-> Radial Blur (Filter-> Blur-> Radial Blur)

Take soft Eraser (E) (Eraser) round shape with low transparency and erase the edges of the image to
get the following

Change the blending mode to HardLight (Hard light) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 80%

And here is the result!

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