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Welcome to the new Photoshop tutorial!

Pitch is not a very pleasant to the touch substance, although the smell is quite fragrant. So let’s draw a drop of gum from a bump in Photoshop.

Who wants to draw from life, please, and who is far from the forest, can take the image of the cones, which is used in this lesson.

1. First, let’s work on the lump itself if you want the lump to take on a golden color.

Separate the cone from the background and remove it.
Duplicate the bump layer.
On the copy layer go to menu Filter> sylize> Find Edges (Filter – Stylization – Selection of edges)

Repeat effect Ctrl + F
Then invert the colors CTRL + I

Add a Gaussian Blur filter (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and change the blending mode to Color dodge (Lightening the basics).

If bright, then reduce the transparency.

2. So, it’s time to add sticky and volatile resin.

Grab the Pen Tool and draw the outline of the resin. It is desirable that there was a visibility of sticking the resin on the lump.

Move the outline to the selection. Create a new layer and fill the selection with orange # FF8933.

Layer transparency let it be somewhere 80%. The bump will be visible through the resin.

3. Create a new layer, take a soft brush to add a bit of light to the resin.

4. Again, paint a dark edge on the resin on the new layer. It will be a shadow.

5. The resin does not sparkle, it needs to be fixed.

Use the Pen tool again. , draw an oblong shape along the edge of the resin, make a selection, add a feather to the 2 px and fill with white.

If it seems to you that you need to slightly blur the highlight on the resin – go ahead! No one stops you.

6. Return to the drop shape layer. Duplicate it. Transparency here 100%, and the blending mode is Overlap (Overlay).

Put this layer to the top.

7. This top layer duplicate again …

8. Duplicate the last layer again and set the blending mode to Color dodge (Lightening the basics).

Add some blur Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur with value 4.2.

9. Darken a little more contact between the droplet and the cone.

10. If you want, you can add a few droplets under the bump.
They are made on the same principle as the resin.

11. That’s it!

What additional touches can you make to this image:

1) Several bubbles inside the resin and drops
2) The shadow of cones, resin and resin droplets.

See you at www.!

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