Steel chain

This lesson will help you create a chain of any size and give it a 3d effect.
Let’s start.

Step 1. Create a new document with a transparent background. Choose Elliptical Marquee Tool (Ellipse tool) and by clicking SHIFT, draw a circle.

Edit – Fill (Edit – Fill), fill it with black color. Further Edit – Copy (Edit – Copy) and Edit – Paste (Editing – Paste). We get a duplicate layer with a circle. Move the copy so that it slightly covers
edge of the second circle.

Step 2. Choose Rectangular marquee tool(Rectangle tool) and draw the shape as in the image. Fill the resulting rectangle with black.

Step 3. Holding CTRL, Click on the layer thumbnail. There was a selection. In the main menu, select Select – Transform Selection (Selection – Transform the selected area) and change the size of the selected area in width to 25%, in height by 42%. Next, click the button Delete. The inside of the shape should disappear.

Let’s name this layer “link1”.

Step 4. Invert color Image – Adjustment – Invert (Image – Correction – Inversion). The color of the link turned white. Open up Layer – Layer Style – Inner Glow (Layer – Layer Style – Inner Glow) and set the parameters as in the image below.

When finished, click OK.

Step 5. Make sure the layer is “link1“active and press CTRL + T for transformation. Right-click on the image and select Perspective (Perspective). Pull on one of the upper corners slightly toward the center. Click ENTER.

Step 6. Click D, to reset colors and X, to main set on white. Create a new layer above the layer “link1“. Call it.”shadow“. Holding the key CTRL, click on layer thumbnaillink1“. Make sure the layer is”shadow“active

Take the tool Gradient tool (Gradient), select a linear gradient from black to transparent. Spend in the middle of the link from the bottom to the top.
Create a duplicate layer “link1“by clicking CTRL + J, and name it “link2“. Apply Edit – Transform – Rotate 180 (Editing – Transformation – Rotate 180).

Step 7. Activate layer “link2“and on the panel with layers below click”Add layer mask (Add layer mask). Holding CTRL click on the layer thumbnail “link1“to highlight it. Next Select – Modify – Contract, set the value to 1 pixel. Selection does not remove!
Take the tool Brush tool(Brush) and draw the link as shown in the picture.

Step 8. So copying the layerthe link1 “, and performing the actions described above, you can continue the chain to infinity.

Here is what the chain looks like in the picture.

Lesson author: NeoLokie
Transfer:Maxim Enin

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