Stylish navigation for the site

In this tutorial we will create stylish black navigation for the site.
This is how it will look at the end of the lesson:

Step 1. First, create a new document, its size 560×500 pixels and fill this new document with black. On the new layer, create a large rectangle shape with rounded corners in the layer-shape mode, the corner rounding radius is70 pixels Rasterize the layer, set white as the main color in the color palette, and dark gray as the background color: # 434343

Load a selection of a layer with a rectangle shape. (<Ctrl+click on the thumbnail of the layer with a rectangle>), swap back and front colors in the color picker.

Now the foreground color should be dark gray, and the background color should be white. Use the tool gradient tool (Gradient) in order to create a linear gradient from basic to transparent on a white rectangle. This gradient will create a reflection effect.

Now we need to compress the selection: Contract (Compress) from the menu select > modify > contract (Allocation – Modification – Compress) and compress the selection by 2 pixels. Without removing the selection, create a new layer and fill it with black. Selection yet do not remove.

Step 2. Now apply the tool transform tool from the edit> transform menu (Edit – Transform – Scale), to reduce the height of the black rectangle to 99 %

With a black rectangle layer, you need to add a bit of feathering: feather (feather) from the menu select> modify > feather(Allocation – Modification – Feather). Feathering Size – 15 pixels, after feathering the edges of the black rectangle will become rounded. Now create a new layer and fill it with a color with the indicator: #3A3A3A

Next, create another rectangle with rounded corners – the corner radius – 15 pixels

Step 3. Create another layer with a rounded rectangle on top of all other layers and using the tool gradient tool (Gradient) linear type, create a gradient fill. The colors in the palette should be: foreground color: # 535353, Background color: # 2D2D2D

Step 4. Zoom to 200%, and create a reflected gradient, using white for the foreground and dark gray for the background color: # 3C3C3C.

Use the tool distort (Distortion) from the menu edit > transform > distort (Editing – Transforming – Distortion) in order to slightly distort the created gradient, as shown in the figure.

Duplicate the gradient and turn it on 15 degrees

Create 3 more duplicates. Two of them reflect horizontally: flip horizontal (Flip Horizontal) from the menu edit> transform> flip horizontal (Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal).

Step 5. Zoom to 500% and use the tool polygonal lasso tool (Polygonal lasso) in order to create a green shape (AADD01) on a new layer on one of those gradient images that we created in step four.

Select the top small part of the newly created green shape.

and apply to this part hue / sauration (Hue / Saturation) from the menu image> adjustments> hue / sauration(Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation): Color tone: -15, saturation: +15, brightness: +20.

Step 6. Next to the green figure from step five, apply drop shadow (Shadow) from the menu layer> layer style> drop shadow (Layer – Layer Styles – Shadow) with the parameters shown in the figure:

Step 7. Now create on the new layer an oval selection area and fill it with a gradient fill, using white color for the foreground color, black color for the background color.

Squeeze the selection to 2 pixel and fill the selection with black.

Zoom to 300% and fill the gradient on the new layer with the color, with the indicator: from transparent to # 696969.

Combine both of these layers to create a button and use the tool. elliptical marquee tool (Oval selection area) in order to slightly trim the gradient layer.

Step 8. Duplicate the round gradient button, place it under the green shape that we created in step five and flip it horizontally.

Step 9. Create a small rounded rectangle of gray color (# 535353), rounding radius set 20%

Rotate this rectangle slightly.

and add the necessary inscription to it.

Step 10. Create a rounded rectangle, it will be located under the green shapes, and use the tool rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection area) in order to cut off most of the rounded rectangle.

Load a selection of the rest of the rounded rectangle and create a gradient on it – foreground color – # 535353, background color is black.

Now add the text.

Step 11. In this lesson is over.

I wish you success!

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