Stylized Anime Eye in 5 minutes

Creature Anime – strange tradition – you can draw extremely detailed and complex images (images) in the style Katsuhiro Otomo, or you can go in a simpler way and draw pocket monsters. In any case, you draw in true Japanese style.

If, however, you have neither the time nor the willpower to thoroughly study the drawing technique Anime, I will tell you how you can master several techniques of this technique of drawing by a faster method.
In this tutorial, I will clearly show how to make a drawing in the style Anime in 5-7 minutes. No filters or complex tools are required, and the steps will be explained simply.
So, let’s start drawing!

Part 1 – Creating eyelashes.

Step 1. Open a new document of a suitable size, and create a new layer. Name this layer “Eyelashes”.
My canvas was originally 1024 pixels? 768 pixels, but was clipped later.

Take the tool Brush tool “Brush”, In the color palette, set the color to black and change the size of the brush from small to large to paint an eyelash similar to the one shown in the image below.

Log in Brush palette (keyboard shortcut – Ffive). In the window “Brush sets” left click on the item “Dynamicsforms – the settings window will open “Dynamics of the form” and set in the graph “Control” – paragraph “Pen pressure”.
On a new layer called “Eyelashes” now tool Pen Tool“Pen” draw a line of eyelashes similar to the one you see in the picture. After the eyelash is painted with a tool Pen tool“Pen”, on the created contour, paint the same eyelash with a black brush.

Step 2. Repeat the above step on a much smaller scale to create individual eyelashes. We draw the main big eyelash and its small parts on one layer called “Eyelashes”.

If while drawing you do not need some contours, you can delete them by going to the palette “Contours”, select the layer with the outline and drag it to the icon with the image of the basket at the bottom of the palette or by pressing the key <Delete>. Now the eyelashes look like in the picture:

Step 3. Now use the tool Pen tool“Pen” again to create a line that appears under the eye.
Now the full eyelash is ready.

Part 2 – Creating the Eyeball

Step 4. Create a new layer below the layer. “Eyelashes” and name it – “Eyean Apple”. Make this new layer active in the palette. “Layers”.
Choose a tool Elliptical Marquee Tool“Oval selection area” and create a selection of the size you want while holding the <Shift> in order to preserve the proportions of the selected area (if you need to create a selected area to do more or less, enter the menu Select> Transform Selectiontransform the selected area) and holding the key <Shift> , increase or decrease your selection).

Fill the created oval area with black color. The missing (cut) part of the eyeball, which you see in the picture, you can remove with the toolEraser“Eraser” or using other methods and tools. Deselect the key combination <Ctrl+D> or in the menu Select>Deselect(selection – deselect selection).

Step 5. Create a new layer above the layer. “Eyeball”, but below the layer “Eyelashes”. Give this layer a name “Reflection”, and make it the active layer. Now create a reflection of the eye with two ovals with the tool Elliptical Marquee Tool“Oval selection area” with installation “Adding to the selected area” or just holding the key <Shift>.

Now the second oval selection will be automatically added to the first one and you will get a double inseparable oval for the highlight.
Fill the selection with white color.

Step 6. Now to the last part! Colour!
Create a new layer and place it in the layers palette after the layer “Eyeball”, make it active and fill with a gentle green color the area of ​​the eyeball, which is cut out, as shown in the figure. If you want to fill with color not only the cut out part of the eye, but also the entire right side of it, as in the figure, then create a new layer and place it above the layer “Eyeball”.

To give the drawn eye more depth, use the tool. Burn tool “Dimmer” and lightly work them on the green fill layer. To make the edge of the eye visually easier, use the tool. Dodge tool “Clarifier”.
The result is shown in the figure.

Part 3 – Finishing Touches

Step 7. This step is optional, to create a more realistic Anime – eyes. Light or white brush the size you need visually refresh the eye, as shown in the figure.

Step 8. Well, that’s all ready!
If you have a face sketch, as shown in the figure below, you can duplicate the eye you created, reflect it horizontally: Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal (editing – transforming –flip horizontally) and place both eyes on that face. If you need to add perspective, do it through the menu: Edit >Transform> Perspective (editing – transformation – perspective).

I wish you good luck and patience!

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