Tail stars

In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw exploding stars with long tails. This effect is used by many professional advertisers.

Create a new document. 600×600 or more.

Choose a tool – arbitrary shape, find a star shape from the list. This form is in your Photoshop.

Press D to make the main color black. Draw the star shape in the bottom left corner to leave enough space for the tail.

To make the star smooth, hold down Shift

In the opposite corner of the star, place the point where the tail of the star will end.

To do this, create a new layer and write the letter “X”. Now it will be easy for us to remove this mark when it becomes no longer needed.

Apply the following styles to the star:

Inner shadow | Gradient overlay | Stroke

Here is an asterisk:

Now create a new layer under the star layer.

Take the tool polygonal lasso and draw the following selection: the upper end of the star -> “X” -> the angle of the star -> to the starting point.

Fill the selection with a gradient:

It should turn out like this:

Now just repeat the last two steps and make tails for each star tip, not including those that you cannot see.

Every time you start drawing a tail, remember to create a new layer.

To the gradient on the walls was always different, change the angle of the gradient.

Look at the ways in which the rest of the tail walls were painted.

After you can merge all the star layers, duplicate, expand in various ways, flip horizontally or vertically and get this:

And if you still work, then you can make such a funky star explosion here!

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