Tough egg

Step 1. On a new document, create a selection using the tool Oval selection(Elliptical Marquee Tool) and fill with color #fedb90, as in the picture below.
Deselect Ctrl – D (for Mac – Command – D)

Step 2. Now copy this layer. Through Layer – Copy Layer (Layer – Duplicate layer). Put the first layer above and work with it.

Step 3. Now tool Pen (Pen tool), using part of the selection, draw fragments of the egg shell, as shown below, when everything is ready, right-click on the selection and select Create selection (Make selection ).
Then press del and deselect.

Step 4. Double click on the layer icon in the layers panel to bring up the window layer style. Select Emboss, style (“Bevel and Emboss“). Set the settings as shown in the picture below.

Step 5. Now select the second layer with the egg and paint the pieces using the same method as in step 3.

Step 6. After drawing the pieces, click on the same layer. Ctrl + click.
This is necessary in order to select the whole egg. Now click the down arrow 3 times.

Create a new layer Layer – New Layer (layer – new layer) and fill the selection with white (Paint bucket tool).
Attention: This layer should not be the topmost one, it should be under the first “egg” layer.

Step 7. With a pen we will draw a spot as in the picture below (Technique as in steps 3 and 5). Create a new layer and fill it with black.

Step 8. Double click on the layer icon and select Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) click on the gradient icon and set the colors like in the picture.

Step 9. We detail our shells. Create a new layer. Then pen (pen tool) draw the shapes like in the picture and right-click, select Create selection (Make selection ).
Without removing the selection, go to the first layer and press del, then “Ctrl – D

Step 10. Select the egg layer and take the tool. Dimmer(Burn tool). Set the range and exposure to 20% as shown below.
Draw on the egg shadow.

Step 11. Select the very first layer and click “Ctrl + mouse click.
Now we go to Layer – Modification – Expansion (Select – Modify – Expand). Select extension in 1 pixel.

Create a new layer and place it under the first layer.
fill the selection with white.

Step 12. Now process the edges with the tool. Burn(dimmer) where you see fit. Also, using Eraser(Eraser), remove the shell somewhere on the back of the protein to make the image more real.

Step 13. You can add some shadows inside the egg.
Create another layer. Set black tool Brush(Brush tool) and set the brush settings:
Brush size – 1 pc and stiffness 100%.

Draw some shells using the tool. Pen(Pen tool). When you have drawn the shells, right-click and select in the drop-down box Perform a stroke (Stoke Path).

Now duplicate the skarlup layer and go to Image – Correction – Inversion (Image – adjustments – invert) and then press the down arrow and left on your keyboard.

Step 14. To finish our work we will draw a shadow from the egg. Also draw more shadows using a dimmer. (Burn tool).
Now, if you want, draw some shells on the table for greater realism.

On this I have everything, thanks for watching !!!

Author: miclo
Transfer: Natalia Kukina
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