Transparent glass ball

Create a new document.
Take the tool and draw a regular smooth circle. Color – blue.

Click this button. at the bottom of the layers palette and select the Inner Shadow style with the following settings:

That’s what you get.

Next, take a brush and set the base color. a7f0f7, Brush size and stiffness are shown below.

Create a new layer and click a brush closer to the bottom edge of your circle, as shown in the figure.

Create another layer. Click with the same brush, but now closer to the upper edge of the circle. Yes, it became a little bright, but we will fix it now. Change the blending mode for this layer to “Color burn“(Blackout base) and reduce the parameter Fill (Fill) to 46%.

Here’s what you get now:

Create another layer, set the brushes to white color and size, as shown below:

Click once on the very top of the ball, as shown:

Now, “Ctrl” + click on the layer with the circle – a selection will appear. Next, go to the menu “Select” – “Modify” – “Contract” (Allocation – Modification – Compress) on 3 px. After inverting the selection – click Shift + Ctrl + I. After click Delete.

Here’s what you get:

Select the Oval Selection tool. and make a selection as shown in the picture. Create a new layer, then go to menu “Edit” – “Stroke” (Editing – Perform a stroke). Choose white color, size = 1 px, in the center.

It will turn out like this:

On the same layer, do the same actions several more times to make it:

Next, add a Gaussian Blur filter with the setting 0.3 px.

As a result:

Next, create a new layer, select the white brush tool with the following settings:

Click on the line junction as shown below:

Repeat the action at the other intersections, while changing the size of the brush.

“Ctrl” + click on the circle layer to make a selection appear. Then go to the layer with white lines (strokes). Next, click Shift + Ctrl + I. After Delete.

Activate the selection on the circle again. Create a new layer and move it to the very top in the layers palette. Take a brush of color 3264af , size = 25 start painting it from the top on the left inner edge of the selection and also on the right. Change the layer blending mode to Color burn (Blackout basics) and reduce fill (fill) to 27%.

Next with the tool draw a small oval in black. Place this layer on the very bottom (under the ball).

After that, add a Gaussian blur filter to it.

And here is the result !!!
We hope that you liked the lesson, and you have found here something new for yourself!

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