Vegetarian wallpaper

In this tutorial, we will create wallpapers with paprika.
You can take any other fruit or vegetable. First, create a new document. File – New (File – New) (ctrl + n).

Fill the background with black using the tool Fill (Paint Bucket Tool).

Tool Line (Line Tool) draw such lines diagonally.

Create a new layer Layer – New – Layer (Layer – new – layer) and fill it Radial Gradient (Gradient Tool)

Change Blend mode layers (blending mode) on Multiplication (Multiply) and put transparency (Opacity) on 70%.

Now choose the tool brush(Brush Tool), the necessary brushes can be loaded here, select the brush and draw it on a new layer, as shown below:

Lower opacity(Opacity) layer to 15%.

Open a new document with paprika.

Separate the paprika from the layer using any method convenient for you.

Make a copy of the selected area (Ctrl + c) and go back to the window with the wallpaper and paste the image (ctrl + v), adjust the size to fit with the transformation (ctrl + t).

Adjust its brightness with Image – Correction – Levels (Image – Adjustments – Levels) (ctrl + l).

Using tool Pen(Pen) select a part of the pepper and load the selection area (Make Selection) (Right click of the mouse button).

Move the marked part to the side. Create a new layer and move it under the pepper layer. Now select the tool again. Pen(Pen) and paint the part that is supposedly missing, and fill it with the tool Fill (Paint Bucket), create another selection and create a void inside the pepper, fill it with a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool).

Now just as well add the insides to the “cut off” piece of pepper.

Combine the pieces of pepper in one layer. Create a new layer under the pepper layer and add another decoration with Brushes, opacity lower layer (Opacity) by 65%.

Create another layer under the pepper. Draw another pattern on it opacity (Opacity) set to 80%.

Create a layer under the pepper and tool. gradient(Gradient) effect as below:

Change Blending Mode (Blending Mode) to Soft light (Soft Light) and install opacity(Opacity) on 80%.

Select a text tool, write an inscription, use the following combination Editing – Free Transform (ctrl + t) to rotate the caption, as shown below, lower Opacity slightly.

Merge all layers (shift + ctrl + e). Now let’s adjust the color a bit Image – Correction – Selective color correction (Image- Adjustments- Selective Color).

This is what we should get:

Transfer: Olga Kasatkina
Link to the source of the lesson

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