Wax seal

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to draw a wax seal.

Open a new document in size. 400×400 px
Create a new layer. Take a maroon brush and draw something like this:

Add the following styles to the signet layer:

Inner shadow: mode – normal !!!



It turns out like this:

Draw a black circle over the print.

Add Emboss style:

As a result:

Then you will need to draw another circle, smaller and light burgundy:

Apply the Inner Shadow style to it:

Here’s what happens:

And the last layer is a circle of the same maroon color as the edges of the print.

To him the style of “Inner Shadow” in black:

Here is a signet:

On this wax seal you can draw any signs and symbols or add your initials, choosing a beautiful handwritten font for this.

Here is how the print on the scroll looks!

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