We draw a balloon in Photoshop

Today, we will briefly return to childhood and draw a balloon!
Remember how fascinating it was to daub colored circles and sausages on strings …

But the game – the game, but we have everything for real. The ball must be colored and transparent!
This is what we will strive for.
The lesson is simple and short, but fun and joyful!

Create a document 300×300pix RGB 72 dpi.
I remind you, if the document size is different, you need to change the values ​​of the settings (which I will give as an example).
With the tool Ellipse (ElipsTool) draw an oval of any color.

Rasterize the layer (being on the layer with the oval, click RMB – select Rasterize layerRasterizeLayer).
Remove the fill (Fill) before 0%
Go to Layer Styles Layer (LayerLayerStyle) – see screen. I used Inner Shadow, Inner Glow and Gradient:

Here’s what happens:

Well, the ball is almost ready!
For convenience, you can add a colored background so that you can see where to adjust.

Add a little realism!
We take red Brush (BrushTool) Opacity (Opacity) 20-30% and on the new layer draw highlights.
Then, blur a little: Filter-Gaussian Blur (FilterGaussianBlur) about five pix.
Again Brush (BrushTool) and everything is the same only in white (on the New layer).

If you overdo it, it’s okay, just reduce the transparency of the layer. Well and Eraser (EraserTool) you can work …
On a layer with white stains, I added a white dot, more can be done (Brush Tool (Opacity) 40% size approximately 60pix)
Look how lovely it turns out !!!!!

It remains to draw a “pipka” and a thread.
We draw in any way (Pen-Pen Tool, Lasso-Polygonal Lasso Tool or something else) something like a red triangle at the base of the Ball.

Warp it Edit-Free Transformation-Warp (EditFreeTransformWarp).
Then using the Dodge tools (DodgeTool) and Dimmer (BurnTool) create volume.

Layer with “pipka” is placed under the ball. More erasable.
The thread is the simplest – Black Brush size 3pix or thinner
That’s all!
Good luck and good mood!

P.S. Hedgehog is not mine, downloaded from Ineta)))) … a child in the sky too …
Author: pirogovadesign.


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