We draw a bow in Photoshop

In this lesson I will tell you how to make a simple but useful thing – a bow.

Step 1. Create a new document. 400×400 72 resolution and RGB color mode.

Step 2. Now open a new layer and use the tool Pen Tool (Pen) draw the following form, right-click and click Make Selection (To form a selected area):

Step 3. In this menu, set the feathering radius to 0 pix and the “new selection area”, click OK. Fill the resulting selection with color #9b0006. You should be able to:

Step 4. Select DodgeTool (Clarifier) ​​and lighten the following fragments:

Step 5. After that select BurnTool (Dimmer) and process the image with it, as shown below:

Step 6. Create another ribbon using the same algorithm:

Step 7. After that, using previously used tools (Burn Tool Dodge Tool), achieve the following effect:

Step 8. Create a new piece and fill it with color. #b8070f:

Step 9. Do all the same manipulations now with this ribbon:

Step 10. Create a new layer (this layer should be above the background) and make another ribbon, then fill it with color # 810004:

Step eleven. Draw the next fragment and fill it with color # 95050e

Step 12. Create two more objects with PenTool (Feather) and fill them with color # 960001

Step 13. Again, we will help the tools BurnTool and DodgeTool (Brightener and Dimmer):

Here, strictly speaking, that’s all! Final image:

Transfer: Mishina Rita
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