We draw a cool smiley

This lesson will help you draw a smiling smile.

Create a new document.
Using the selection tool elliptical marquee tool (M), draw a circle.
Create a new layer. , and fill the circle with radial gradient (color yellow-orange). Make the center of the selection (yellow) be in the upper left corner of our circle.

We go to Select> Modify> Contract with a value of 4px. Using Linear gradient (White to Transparent color) fill the selection.

Create a new layer, draw an oval selection and fill it with a gradient (gray-white color).

We go to Select> Modify> Contract with a value of 3px. Take the tool elliptical marquee tool (M), hold down the key alt and, cutting off half of our selection, we get a new one, as in the figure. Fill it with a gradient (White to Transparent color).

Next, draw a small circle and fill it with black.

Duplicate the eye layer (Layer> Duplicate layer), and placed as shown below.

Drain these two layers by clicking Ctrl + E. Ctrl + click on the layer with eyes and go to Select> Modify> Expand with value 3px. Next, fill the resulting selection with a gradient (yellow-orange color). Orange color should be on top, as shown.

Ctrl + click on the main layer with a circle, to select it, go to Select> Modify> Contract, here choose the value that suits you best, for example, I took ten. Hold down the key alt, using an ellipse selection cut the selection as shown below:

And in the end we fill the selection with black color.

Adding a shadow we get:

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